Let me speak to those in a heartbreak relationship. It hurt so much when you tried to love someone, but they take you for granted. You tried to bear all their bullshit and crap, but now they are paying you with replacing you with someone else.

You love and cares about them, but they don’t see any value in all you have done. You have risked your life in many things and you have sacrificed every little thing of yours just to see them happy, but all that means nothing to them.

You have tried to be patient with them for so long, but now they are dumping you for someone else. You always cry and ask for their attention, but they seem not to care.

Your life is so miserable now, but they don’t give a damn of how you feel. You are now feeling like you are at the end of the world and that you have bad luck in love.

I want to encourage you today that it isn’t the end of the journey of your life. You still have a long way to go and now is just a lesson to make you strong and prepare you for the next person.

Trust me, you will find someone else who will love and care about you, who will appreciate all your efforts all your value and appreciate them as well.

God will help you find that person who will fear to lose you, hurt you, and will be willing to make a family with you. Be strong my dear you will get over that pain.