You push yourself too much. You raise the question on your own ability filter yourself through others eyes. You scroll through Instagram, alluring snaps arouse you to live their life. You feel inferior.

You don’t own your shit. You curse, you blame, sometimes destiny and all the time people. Because it’s easy to brush aside the responsibility and enjoy only authority.

You fantasize the tomorrow and gyrate your stories of yesterday. Even it suffers, you abjure to lose the grip.

You expect you compare your relationships, you seek more from people. Sometimes you serve your ego more than your relationship.

Everyone fucks up including you. You create a road map and cling to its proceeding. A slight glitch makes you uncomfortable.

Your predominate intelligence fire up your consciousness when you desire to clench over everything. You want everyone to go your way. Define their dos and don’ts in your head. And when they beg off to turn around, you feel betrayed.

You judge people sometimes in words and always in thoughts. Click To Tweet

You fear to lose him, afraid to be alone, you enshrine people to their love, you develop insecurities. Letting go, moving is not your virtue. You know that you have to take charge of your life but still, you procrastinate.

You still need to know who you are what do you want, what is the purpose of your life. Why you are doing what you are doing, what matters to you the most; you need self-inquiry.

You judge people sometimes in words and always in thoughts. You give them more value than yourself and expect them to do the same.

Things You Need to Give Up in Order to Be Happy

Sometimes, your life goes out of control, the unexpected hurricane thwack you, you don’t bother to heal your scratches, rather cover it with a beautiful curtain. You feel cheated by the life.

You lean over failures and disappointments, you victimize yourself, it sympathies you.

You don’t enjoy what you have rather seek what people have. You delay your gratification and await big event to come into your life.

You time and again need to play a role to get by, but you forget to remove your façade. You often replace ‘want to’ with ‘have to’.

You are locked up in your self-made hell. You have the keys and you are asking others to unclasp you.

People justify your problems, show pity on your face, but no one tells you to take the authority of your own happiness and set yourself free from chaos.

Whatever you are facing right is an outcome of your own choice conscious or unconscious. You may believe or not but you are the creator of your unhappy life.

Happiness is not having a perfect life but to find reasons to smile in the chaos. You can never find a perfect partner, job, love, but you can create happiness in those uncut situations.

If you are given such privilege to create anything then why don’t you create beautiful things, happy things?