In our lives, social situations are among the most important, failing to comply these cultural imprints can convert into irreversible damage. Hack them, stop following them blindly. These psychological life hacks are hidden gems in the sea of mediocrity.

A wonderful place called the internet embrace most mumbo-jumbo psychological hacks that are clearly insufficient. With close observation and enough discovery, I have come up with the truly brilliant piece of advice those are completely practical. These hacks are being practiced by many successful people.

Gain importance and boost your confidence at work and at play and make yourself simply clever.

1. Chunk Things to Fit Them into Your Brain:

Human minds are subject to store seven to eight bit of information in short-term memories. So, we can handle five to nine numbers or letters at a time.

The hack play role when we have to sequence of more characters or numbers. For instance, you have to remember this figure 050028721. To store them effectively in your short-term memory chunk in multiple sequences like – 0500-28-721. Easy to remember, isn’t it?

2. Keep Staring and Be Quite:

If you are not satisfied with the answer your friend or colleague just tell you – remain silent and keep staring at them.

In awkward silence and firm eye contact, people inexplicably reveal a lot. This is the power of silence.

3. Grab The End:

Do you find yourself repeating one song over and over again? This is because your brain hasn’t actually heard the last line of the song.

Yes, if we left something unfinished, our brain has an automatic system that reminds us our unfinished pursued work.

Next time, a track get stuck in your head, be patient and try to memorize last lines. This hack amazing!!

4. Let Adrenaline Work For You:

This surge of energy is traditionally associated with strong positive feelings but rushes in times of fear or distress. Use this physic trick spur your date. Choose a horror movie than a romantic one, enjoy a roller coaster ride or rock climbing.

Adrenaline will make your date think that their arousal is attributed to you.

5. Spot people’s Sympathies When They Laugh:

This hack works well to know who is secretly in a relationship. When you are sitting in a group and laughter burst out, pay attention who is looking at each other. People instinctively glance at the most trustworthy or dearest person to them.

6. Check Out Your Posture:

The body postures can give insight into what you are thinking about. You may not utter a word, but your body language reveals your subconscious.

Your postures also help you to stay self-motivated.

Try to keep your feet towards the person whom you are talking to. It’s an insight of interest and confidence.

Similarly, if someone is subconsciously not interested in your ongoing conversation, will point his feet away from you.

7. Fake It Until You Make It:

I learned this in a TED talk and applied in my life. Accelerate your brain by commanding to think what you want to think. In simple words, you are what you believe.

Take this illustration – if you say yourself I am happy or smile for that moment your brain convince itself that you are happy, whereas in actual you may not be. Fake smile or fake happiness get the engine warmed up and for the rest of the things, believe your brain it will take care. Try this, it works really well.

8. Avoid to Stand or Come in front of an Aggressive Person:

In a discussion or in a conference room, to avoid an aggressive confrontation, take a seat next to the boss.

So, whenever you feel that argument is about to create a tension move next to them. Psychologically the close proximity will make the aggressor less likely to have a go at you.

This trick eventually helps you to stay out of some major troubles.

9. Subliminal Signals to Get Trust of People:

To show other you are heavily interested in their talk – nod. We, humans, are drawn to others who convey the interest in us.

The other trick is to warm your hands before a handshake. Warm and dry hands inspire confidence.

10. Unbelievable Effect of an Eye Image:


Hang a poster of eye image where you want people to be ethical or morally correct. Subconsciously, people think that someone is watching them even it is just a symbolic and behaves nicely.