Have you ever looked back and found yourself seeing nothing but your failures? Have you ever been afraid to pursue something new just because you were afraid that you might fail?

Believe it or not, 9 out of 10 people would have answered the above questions in an affirmative (so, there’s no need to feel intimidated or unworthy if your reply was a Yes). Now, this vast majority of people would be thinking -“What is it that I am doing wrong?” or “How can I get out of this cycle of failure?”

There is nothing you have done wrong. Failure is a part, perhaps the most important part, of success. If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried something new. You too could become like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or Sachin Tendulkar. All you need to do is stay positive and confident.

“Success is moving from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. “

Your failures do not define who you are and how much you can achieve. No matter how many times someone tries to pull you down or tries to make you feel small, never give in.

Yes, you are allowed to feel broken, but you need to learn how to scramble all the pieces and get up again. Come out of your comfort zone, scream louder, act smarter, risk mistakes, reframe your failure, be successful, leave a legacy.

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Your current circumstances might not be good and you might feel that you have nothing to feel happy about. Remember that these situations are temporary, they do not define your capabilities neither do they show your true potential. Just keep the wheels of hard work moving, and sooner or later, you would reach your destination.

Refuse to believe that your failures mark the end of your journey. If plan A doesn’t work, try plan B. If that doesn’t work, try plan C. Just keep hustling. Each failure teaches you something. Be ready to learn that and adapt accordingly.

“No defeat is final until you stop trying.”

Your greatness is an outcome of your perseverance. Keep your eyes set on your goal. Keep moving. Consider failure as a tough curve in the road. You can’t stay there and expect your goals to come to you. You need to keep going ahead.

Everyone has a fair share of failures. Oprah, Edison, Disney, and other great inventor were not born with super powers, their resilience shielded them from disappointment. Fail, learn, grow, find your wings and fly all over again.


Your failure is a piece of your history. It is not something to look back and feel scared. It is only to be drawn inspiration from, to back yourself up, to motivate you and remind you – “If you can pass that, you can definitely get through this!”

Remember, Success tastes sweeter after a defeat.