The world today is full of challenges for everyone. Stress has become an unwelcome partner in our lives. No matter what the age group, everyone is fighting their own little wars. Stress management and relief techniques are many, but one of the most easy and sometimes underappreciated way is to be a pet parent. This includes dogs, cats, and many other animals but here I shall be focussing on dogs based on my little experiences in life.

Having a pet animal builds character. It inculcates responsibility and compassion in people of all ages. All the emotional inhibitions that one may feel whilst expressing feelings to people will disappear when you love a dog. Love is the strongest, most powerful emotion with the ability to heal and strengthen even the most broken soul. Having a pet throws you naked in the face of love. Even the most incapable people discover their ability to love when they look into those puppy eyes. The genuine reciprocity of love that a dog provides is often missing even with the people we love in our lives.

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. A dog has the ability to provide the most effective therapy without even speaking a word. All the stress management techniques in all the books of the world direct us towards using happiness as the driving force in life. Happiness steers us towards optimism, positivity, hopefulness, and confidence. Having a dog flings you face-first into a wave of transparent, overwhelming, and irresistible happiness, one with the power to lessen all hassle and anxiety.

The first thing I see every morning is a dog that loves me. I see the sunshine in the eyes of my dog. A day that starts on that note has the strength to ward off any negativity and stress that comes your way. If you are happy, the dog is happier. If you are sad, the dog knows and doesn’t stop till he sees a smile on your face. All the stress that you carry from your work or school vanishes with that welcoming wag of tail when you reach home. Dogs have the strength to sense the faintest emotions and the ability to provide unconditional love in return. A dog always listens to and appreciates every conversation that you have with him. Your dog will NEVER wake up one day and realize he doesn’t love you anymore.

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Dogs have the ability to find the ones who need them and fill the emptiness we didn’t even know existed inside of us. So go ahead and fall for puppy love, and let the healing begin. If you take care of a dog, the dog will take care of you.

P.S. As a thumb rule though, if you won’t treat your dog like a family member, you shouldn’t have a dog because he will always treat you like his.