The ancient practice: acupressure can deal with wide range of health problems. By pressing smooth fingers at specific points, acupressure therapy uses nervous system and muscles to deal with the specific disease and heal the body.

There is a difference between acupressure and acupuncture therapy, though both use same points to deal with pain. Acupressure is firm and smooth compared to acupuncture and you can try it by yourself rather than seeking professionals.

There is no fix and certain cause and cure for allergies, it demands prevention only. But, acupressure can give you instant relief during your suffering hours. Rub the points in the circular motion for two or three times a day.

Use below-mentioned allergies acupressure treatment for instant relief:

LI4 (large intestine4):

The point is the mount on the back side of the hand when you keep the hand straight. Separate your thumb from index figure after recognizing the acupoint and press gently for few seconds.

It opens up the downflow of energy and large intestine meridian. Pregnant ladies should avoid rough press on the point. The acupoint is same for both hands.

LV3 (Liver 3):

Between large and small toe, the point is on the top foot. This lever meridian point helps in prevention of red eyes allergy. Press the sore spot between two bones. Acupoint is same for both legs.

The point LI4 and LV3 are four gates to open the healing energy flow in the body.

LI20 (Large intestine 20):

The point is located alongside the nose, underneath your eyes. For easy understanding, follow the laugh line starting from the nose and upper from the lip. It alleviates seasonal allergies. The point also deals with sinus problems.

LI 11 (large intestine11):

Turn your elbow upside. Near the elbow and at the edge of elbow line, you will find the point to alleviate itching and skin allergy. This acupoint clears the heat and cools down the blood.

UB40 (Urinary bladder 40):

The point deals with eczema and itchiness. Midway on the back knee crease, this acupoint is situated at the back of the knee.

GB20 (Gallbladder 20):

This wind pond acupoint is located on the base of your skull and the either side of your neck. Press the point by using head weight against thumb pressure for few minutes inhale deeply.

SP10 (spleen 10):

This acupoint deals with hay fever and prevents blood stagnation. The point is located three fingers or two thumbs width above the kneecap at the inner side of the thigh. This acupoint also helps in healing and nourishing skin.

Breathe slow and deep, and hold the above points for 30 to 60 seconds with firm thumb or index finger pressure. You can also massage on the points for one or two minutes smoothly. You can repeat the exercise several times in a day for early relief.