We often settle for less. We read self-help book, but many less of us actually work on self-improvement. Human capacity is incredible, we can actually achieve what we want.

You can have more meaningful life, fulfilling heart, healthy body, and a mindful brain. If you are not investing in personal development, you are blocking your true potential.

Get up, do the unfinished work, if you settled, your half written story will remain as a proof of your failure and let not people say you a loser.

It is not the things that make us happy rather we make ourselves joyful. People cry and complain but they forget to act.

Belief and bitterness:

Yes, that’s true. We all have self-limiting belief. There are around million mental assumption people have made about themselves. What people say is not your reality until you accept it, the moment you make it your belief that become your reality.

But you need to understand that we attract the things, we think about the most, and that’s our belief. The first step is to identify what belief your subconscious mind hold, bring that out and throw the counter belief. And remember the time, when you prove belief wrong. Let not other’s judgment scare you.

We also hold onto bitterness, resentment, anger. These emotions desist you to move forward.

Attached to fear:

We always fear to lose someone or something. Even before trying, we fear to fail. The thought of losing our loved ones fill us with tremendous fear and sorrow.

The two obstacle fear of failure and fear of criticism always bridle us.

Nothing has any real meaning until we attach one to it. If you stay attached to your fear, sooner or later this will become your reality.

Write down what scares you to step forward, imagine the worst scenario and try to live in where you are not where you may be.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”dbjf1″ via=”yes” ]It is not the things that make us happy rather we make ourselves joyful. People cry and complain but they forget to act.[/ctt]


We fear to fail, we resist to start, we protect ourselves, and we procrastinate. Your adjourning nature, take success off the table, then the only thing that left is failure.

Recognize your procrastination and find something that commits to your goals.

The glass is empty:

You will always in scarcity if you think you have just not enough. We don’t recognize our true self and our true potential, we live the life from others perspective and forget to see our inner self.

If you see the half empty glass, you will always be stuck there and even you don’t bother to see the half full glass.

Just take the first step, despite how much knowledge you have. As we adhere to the destination, we filled with the knowledge and wisdom required. Our passion drives us neither fulfillment of knowledge nor insufficiency of money.

Clock of the hour:

We all are given 24 hours, some make it complete useful and other don’t make proper use of it. We keep counting clock of the hour.

We have always time for the things we actually want to do. Prioritize your things, schedule your day and figure out what you need to do right now.

You should have a vision of life, you should know where to take off and where to land. It’s okay, if your plan didn’t work, don’t settle, replan and this time with 10 times higher potential.