It is considered that the cause of gender inequality is the men. But the facts are completely reverse, the reason of gender equality can only be the men.

Nowadays, most of the men talk about women empowerment and deliver long speeches concerning the issue, but when the time comes to take actions on the real field, they back off.

I am not saying men are not concerned or they are not willing to see an equal word, but they are not just serious about the issue.
Do you know, among the 1.4 million people all over the world, 70% women are still below the poverty line? Do you know, in spite of producing half of the world’s food, the women only own 1% of its land? Do you know, women account for two-third of the world’s working hours and earns only 10% of the income?

Failure of Hillary Clinton in US prudential race is a recent example of this. Men want to uplift women, but they are still not imagining an equal word.

Is it justified? Simply no. Can we contribute our little efforts to uplift women and bring them equal to men’s society where they both sit together like a boss and have a cup of coffee? No one is the slave!!

There is a thin line between the two genders. If some men initiate to cross the line, sooner all men will be right by the women.


What we share is much more powerful than what divides us. Can we imagine the world where HE stands right side of the SHE and creates gender equality a reality?

Does Gender Equality is only a woman issue?

A big NO!! We live in men dominating society, yes in the mid of 21st century, we are still in a male dominating society.
Almost every decision from national to international level, men access the power. Even the maximum resources needed in the process are also controlled by the men, this arouses the need of men for the active involvement of the men in the process.

This is a collective gender issue, only one side of the coin should not be cleaned, we need to pick the issue as whole and take it our responsibility to put it an end.

Women also need to see men as their allies, not competitors. There is nothing like men versus women saga, we all share an equal sense of humanity.

Gender is nothing more than biological difference. Men who think, empowered women will enslave them need to understand that empowerment does not mean misandry.

Ask yourself these questions today, do you consider your mother as powerful as your father? Do you and your sister are put on the same account? Do you consider your female colleagues have as potentials or worth promotion as your male colleagues? Do you think your wife is not less than you?

Nothing will change unless we change it today!! When all men will start putting all women equal to them, the word “women empowerment” will disappear.

Can we create a shared vision of equality? I request all men and powerful women to stand up for women’s right and take their responsibility.