Anxiety is not something that leaves your place in one day. It enters slowly and will leave gradually.

The inner chaos is a ladder of which every ignored emotion is a step. If not tackled at the right time in the right way, such cumulated emotions might implode causing irreversible damages.

The first step towards tackling this inner turmoil is to recognize the steps of the ladder.

Accept your anxiety:

Anxiety is almost always a result of an emotional mismatch. The reason may be personal, academic, or professional. Accept that you are anxious and that it won’t last forever. There is no shame in accepting a mental illness. Give yourself and your anxiety enough time to heal.

There may sometimes be terrible thoughts and you have to notice those. But put them on a curious shelf of your mind and move on.


Understand your anxiety:

Our mind can wander and stress itself even though we are unable to find the reason for the discomfort. The remedy is most likely hidden in the cause of your anxiety.

Yes, you need to analyze. Look deep inside you, and find out what it is that’s pushing you up against all other things? It may be some sort of fear, a trauma from your past, or some childhood misery, that is leading to your anxiety.

You’re allowed to express:

Grab a pen and paper and write out all your worries; write whatever is flooding your mind. Don’t worry about whether it makes sense or not. It helps release them out of your mind.

Meditate, listen to your favourite relaxing music, and smile even when there is no need. Try to see the beauty around the world, even when all seems pathetic. Remind yourself that you can – yes, you can – and you will make your life beautiful, maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday.

Channel your Anxiety:

The restlessness that may arise, needs to be channelled properly. It may not always be possible to ignore the subject completely, but trying to indulge in comparatively less straining activities for a while is always helpful. Picking up hobbies or doing things that you love is the easiest way to get a grip over your bearings.

Remind yourself that you can - yes, you can - and you will make your life beautiful, may be not today or tomorrow, but someday Click To Tweet

Find a world outside your Anxiety:

Your incredible friends, supportive family, or financial stability, there’s so much more to look forward to. You have a pretty good world outside your anxiety.

It’s about nurturing your emotions in the right way. Love what you are and surround yourself with people who love you, the support always helps to align your life with the reality that surrounds you.

Love yourself and be thankful for the life that you have. The ability to appreciate yourself while acknowledging your shortcomings will always give you a fresh perspective towards life.

Share your burden

It is always helpful to share the load that you’re carrying. Life can be difficult sometimes, but time does really heal all. Talking about your worries and seeking opinions from friends and family will surely make you feel better.

Believe you can overpower it:

Self-awareness, in the most clichéd way, is still the answer to most of the life’s problems. The pressure of having to deliver what’s expected of you might buckle down your emotional backbone. So, as a measure to steer clear of anxiety in the future, you must be aware of your capabilities. Understanding your inner-self brings you one step closer to being in control of yourself. Don’t let your worries drive your life. You are the master of your mind.

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All the chains pulling you down, all the constraints blocking your imagination, all the dullness converging into your life, and all the blinding lights in your way will disappear as soon as you are aware of what you are.

Anxiety in a long-term may translate into depression. Practice smiling, change your stance towards life, and seek professional help if required; nothing has a power over you, you are what you believe in.