‘Life is too hard,’ ‘anger is natural,’ ‘stress is a part of daily life,’ ‘nobody is healthy,’ ‘no pain no gain,’ these are very common phrase you probably hear from people or maybe you say by your own.

Once I have been there at your place. I preferred multi-tasking, get indulged into several thoughts together. At the end, I lost my focus and ability to master the skills. I allowed everybody to enter into my coast and hurt me deep inside. I used to get irritated even in a small situation. For me, everything was so big and so important in life that traffic jam would have made me frustrating. I left behind the life and priorities the things that have no significance at the end.


Remember, no one can hurt you without your permission- Mahatma Gandhi.

This simple line took a turn around my ears and mind captured it immediately as it was desperately waiting for it.

You have a tendency to take life as a burden. You think surviving is really a big task. You take life so seriously that we forget to live. It doesn’t matter what the whole world says about you, what significant work you are doing. Why you keep on choosing difficult ways when easy ways are also available? Because you are clinging to a phrase, ‘difficulties always lead to success’ but this is not the always case my dear.

When you take things personally, you connect every situation with the self and if the circumstance is not in your favor you drag your self-esteem down. It builds up anger, hatred, and other negative emotions.



We are mortal. If we understand that we have come here for a limited time we are not supposed to live forever and, so are the other people, we will use our conscious in a natural way.

Understand, when you will not be around things will happen the same way they are supposed to be. Don’t overdo things, the whole world is not up to you. When you constantly remind yourself of this, you will no more be deadly serious.

You are fine, you are healthy, but you cannot predict the next movement. There is no point taking an unnecessary load.

You are just like a dust in this whole cosmos. The more relaxed you live the more your brain will produce creative thoughts. To make things happen in life you no need to keep them high on the head.


10 Years from now, It won’t really matter what brand of clothes you wore, how your hair looked, how much money you have. What will really matter is how you lived, how you loved and what you have learned along the way.


A simple question:

If I ask you right now, ‘how are you’ or ‘how’s your day?’ Majority of people will answer:

‘It was tough.’

‘Don’t ask.’

‘It was usual.’

‘Was not so bad.’

‘Had a terrible day.’

When people respond in such ways, they convey a message that they are in a very bad state of mind and things in their life are going upside-down without their permission.

You may have stuck in a traffic jam and called it a bad day, you may have a fight or an argument with your colleague or boss and you labeled it a terrible day. The way you respond to every situation form a proactive response. You may find so many reasons to burden up your day, but did you try to find a single reason to lighten it up?

[bctt tweet=”Dance like crazy, sing like no one is listening to you. Once we start celebrating our life, life gives us more reasons to celebrate.” username=”zistboon”]

Seriousness is a tendency, people get used to cry for the things that they don’t possess. Instead of seeing half-filled jar they see half-empty jar.



Zindagi puch k nahi jayegi ki aap 25 ke ho ya 40 ke (Death won’t come asking your age).



Laugh at your mistakes

You stuck to a particular memory. You often think about the things that happened with you in the past, mistakes you have done, problems you have faced, the pain you have suffered.

You might remember how you stuck middle in your speech on annual day. You were totally blank, it was embarrassing. You continuously recall that moment and feel ashamed and disgusted. You remember it but your audience might forget that incident. For people it was just a moment of fun that arrived and passed subsequently, they get busy in their own life and forget everything that happened that day.



[bctt tweet=”If we understand that we have come here for a limited time we are not supposed to live forever and, so are the other people, we will use our conscious in a natural way.” username=”zistboon”]

We all mess up occasionally. So there is no mean flooding your mind with the similar thoughts again and again. One thing that you can do to forget these situations is to laugh. You can make fun of yourself. Because when you laugh at particular situation brain take that easy then there is no more such thing left to be ashamed of.

Lose up your life little bit, laugh a little more, do things which are not so important. Your work is important but also do whatever makes you happy. We become serious when we only do things which are too important to us.

Don’t treat today like an emergency. You know, you can handle whatever comes because anyways you have to. Think one thing that is not on your priority list. Think about your hobbies that you buried somewhere.

Dance like crazy, sing like no one is listening to you. Once we start celebrating our life, life gives us more reasons to celebrate.



Open your arms to embrace the happiness around you. Say yes to new connections, new opportunities, and letting go of the old pain and start healing the wound. Say yes to love, give someone a chance to hold your hand, to trust that someone better is awaiting you in this path of a beautiful journey.

Without over-analyzing, fully clasping the unknown, without planning days, months, years, just say YES. You have already wasted too much time figuring out pros and cons, don’t try to bend life to fit into your rules or control people, and instead, celebrate the adventure of unknown.