Society hates drugs. No matter the kind. They hate the nicotine in cigarettes, the alcohol in beer, and of course – they absolutely detest the psychoactive chemicals in herbs and crystals.

While this is completely understandable and expected, there are certain days of the year that can really make you curse this suffocating stigma circling society. Thoughts like “People who hate drugs can all go up in smoke” or “I wish everyone who’s against drugs vanish from the face of the earth” will naturally rise no matter how aware you are that such thoughts will not change a thing and will only bring about more bitterness in your heart.

Not all people who use drugs are useless. Not all people who use drugs do so at the expense of others.

This is something society will never understand and accept. There’s too much controversy – not to mention, bad blood – surrounding drugs that trying to fight off such a non-tolerating atmosphere is nearly impossible. Well, there go all the pleas of functioning professionals for co-existence.

If you’re a visiting elf coming from the anti-drug community, let me tell you that there are a number of reasons why people take drugs – and they’re not all bad, really:

  1. Some People Use Drugs to Cope With Work

Do you know that in many workplaces out there, people don’t enjoy the 8-hour work shifts that you do? No, some of them have to work more than that, going as far as not having a day off for months or years at a time. If you think that it is possible to work 15 to 20 hours straight for 7 days a week without some kind of chemical help, then you’re being very naïve. These people cling to psychoactive drugs as if their career depended on it – something you’ll probably never understand. After all, you must be thinking that if they can’t do it they should just quit, right?

Well, things aren’t always so easy in life, little one.

  1. Some People Use Drugs to Cope With Depression & Stress

“A petty way to cope” is what you’re probably thinking. For one, I agree with you. Depending on drugs to improve your psychological state may be the most pathetic coping mechanism in the world but it is the fastest (read more). And for people who have lost all hope in the world, who’ve lost faith in humanity including themselves, and who will readily jump off a cliff at any second, time is of the essence. They need quick cures for whatever dread, anxiety, or fear they’re feeling.

  1. Some People Use Drugs as a Form of Escape

Drugs aren’t always used for leisure or to have a good time. Sometimes, it saves what society shuns. Why do you think some people turn to drugs in the first place? It could be problems at home, school, work, or the community at large. When people feel hopeless and defenseless in the world they’re born in, you can’t blame them for wanting to escape to another one. Call it cowardice, selfishness, or whatever you want. If you haven’t ever been driven to a corner like this, then you’re still blind to how cruel life can be for some people.

However, society always has its way of crushing these people’s fragile hearts even further. Spontaneous drug tests in offices, schools, and other establishments ultimately decide who stays and who leaves – without considering the context of actions; without considering underlying motives. It may be right in the name of safety and protection but also very judgemental and unfair at the same time.

As I said earlier, there are working professionals. Not everyone who does drugs means for other people to get hurt. Ruining their livelihood, cutting them loose from society, labeling them deviants can make matters worse and push them to do things that they normally won’t.

Luckily, nowadays there are companies like Clear Drug Tests that can help one pass a drug test. It would seem that there are people left who are still willing to understand, willing to extend help to people going through the toughest stage in their lives. They won’t have to fear drug tests anymore; they won’t have to hide at the sight of a “normal” person. They can continue to productively function in society until such time that all their wounds heal and they can completely break free from the chemical holding them captive.

Am I telling you that it’s okay to use drugs? No, I’m simply telling you to understand those who do; to let go of the prejudices that society has inculcated in you. Knowing that there are people who can understand their actions, no matter how senseless, can give our plagued brothers the comfort they need to start building better lives.