The job of our mind is to produce thoughts, it indulges us to think deeply, to think more. But unconsciously and due to lack of awareness, we get attached to every thought and label it with emotions. Thus, we keep pouring same hurt, same pain, the same fear, and sometimes same happiness again and again.

The process leads us to think more, gradually we become one with it, and find hard to leave the grip. Sometimes, we don’t even remember when and how we fall inside the case. We call it normal.

The vicious cycle, don’t do anything to our physical body but depletes our mental power. We feel exhausted and irritated.


These techniques will help you to stop overthinking and start living:

Accept your churning brain:

This is the first step, acknowledge that you have a problem. And it’s not normal. By anyway, over thinking won’t make you insightful. We always have enough knowledge, we need to live our peaceful lives. There is no point in thinking over and over.

You speak less, but you think a lot. Your mind is a big obstruction that doesn’t allow you to live a peaceful life. You think obsessively about your future, can’t get over from the past trauma, take too much time for taking decisions; you have a problem of over-thinking.

Forgive yourself:

We usually over-think when we are in bad mood. You did something wrong, your thoughts and memories wove together, you keep thinking, and there is no stop button.

Negative triggers negative, when something bad happens you connect it with all the emotions that happened in the past. You need to learn to forgive yourself. Remember, you are not superhuman and allow to make mistakes, see your past as learning experience and try to move on.

Create distance from your thoughts:

The best practice is to see thoughts only as thinking material not a constant flow of emotions.

Our mind is open, clear and free. Anything can appear in our awareness. The problem is that we identify thoughts and get attached to its appearance.

When you realize your mind is going out of control, try to see what you’re thinking, be a live witness, the moment you step inside your mind, it calms down. You find there is no thought.

This way, you and your thoughts will become separate, it will come but it will go away naturally. Soon, appearance and witness will merge.

Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill:

There are some people who keep thinking about what to cook for lunch until they realize that it’s actually dinner time.

Why sweat the small stuff? Do whatever feels right. It is highly improbable that what you eat today may have serious consequences in the future.

Instead of thinking whether to take a bus or taxi to the office, just go outside and hop on to the first vehicle that helps you reach the office. The time one saves by making quick decisions about trivial things could be better used thinking about things that are really important.

By being proactive, you reduce the stress that comes due to overthinking and also end up doing productive things that will help you become successful in life.

Use your Breathe:

Your breath is a proof that you’re alive. Be aware of your breathing. It will relax and subdue your mind. It connects you to the present world. The minute you concentrate on your breathing, thoughts disappear, you become one with everything.

No deep breathing techniques are required for this, just breathe normally and completely focus on it, your chest expanding, filling you with life energy.