The restless nights of sleep, your worst nightmare overpower your brain, you tried hard to stop, but you keep over-thinking. You think it could be bipolar.

Your anxiety can come out in any form. Sometimes, you feel shut in a room with no door or window. You scream, cry for help, but you find all empty. You thought no body understand you, but that was the walls of your hearts that you build, and not everybody is allowed to reach out there.

Your mind is racing through so many scenarios, keep unfolding one thing after another and let not your breath take a rest, let not it calm and gentle, free-flowing. The pain is being lost in the mind, jerk your soul to death.

Anxiety is procrastination the fear of failure the want of more and strives for plenty it’s apologizing for the things that don’t even require a sorry it’s being hyper aware of everything its irrational fear a constant state of worrying and a choice of being in silent and dark. You don’t feel your wound, scars painful. Your body stops sensation.

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Fade away

Your weak shaking body doesn’t allow you to leave the bed yet you try to keep your mind busy but here, the lurking thoughts massively attack your conscious mind to distract you, making your precious moment spent in thinking. You are unconscious in your own world, separated from your body, your mind plays in another world, you zone out, it chokes up your emotional state.

The moment, when the anxiety allows you to stay in peace, you want to fly up to the sky, but you stuck up in too many thunder cloud blocking your flight.

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You always turn back around to double check everything, it’s a trigger that set you off that paralysed your mind, the self-doubt and lack of confidence arise at that place.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”R0duz” via=”yes” ]Everyone is going through a battle, you can never guess. When someone’s own mind is an enemy, they can’t afford to have any other. [/ctt]

In spite of so much failure, you still get courage to get up and chill the morning sun. It takes lots of courage to be tough inside on self and pretends to be tender outside.

You don’t need sympathy you don’t want people to call you lean.

You want to care and to have cared because the root of people with anxiety is caring, they are pretty good at understanding someone’s worry, but they lack intelligence, solving their own.

Everyone is going through a battle, you can never guess. When someone’s own mind is an enemy, they can’t afford to have any other. You want to simply be accepted and liked.

But then you find your love, your friends, your family, may be unknown. You realize this is the battle, you have to fight every day, but this the field where you are not lonely, you won’t have to face alone.

Gradually, you learn to breathe without thinking, be kind on yourself. You find you can be happy, live like normal.