When you are forced into something, you are left with almost two options. Either oscillate there or accept it.

I used to think, acceptance is a nod of apathy, passivity; surrender to back down to leave the things undone; unless I learned its real meaning.

Our ascribing behavior reaches far beyond the mountains when our desires devoid. When some unfavorable situations coerce us to do certain abhorrent things.

I think this happens to almost all of us once a life when we expostulate the things, people, behavior, and situations.

We usually play against the stream and question everything where acceptance is required. I find there are many people who don’t accept their past and keep revolving their life around it.

There was a time in my life when I was obtruded to relinquish my dreams. Even though, I was reluctant to believe. I complained. It screwed up my life, it deteriorated my health. The excruciating anxiety I perdured was paralyzing. Neither had I dreamt of being happy at that phase of life. I was fucking miserable.

But the moment I turned the coin around, I wasn’t the same. I found those stretches truly made me better. Not a better performer but a better human.

I am not saying, we shouldn’t care about objective majors of performance. They do matter. Don’t forget that those things; promotions, medals, getting a position is only a tiny part of the balance sheet of life.

Even when we want to change something, we first need to accept it. Because only when we accept, we set them to change.

Acceptance is not assumed a weakness, neither it’s an adequation of mediocrity. But sometimes, it’s a clearance what you prioritize in your life.

Acceptance mean being in now.

We have to make the castle from the available raw material. If we complain, we’ll be left outside facing all the storms, snow and scorching sun.

Acceptance is when you fully take the things as they are without rolling the head around without a feeling of unfairness and dissatisfaction. Just by going with the flow but making improvements daily.

It’s not a roadblock to your success journey. Acceptance can be practiced along with the action. It doesn’t hold your open realistic gaze on the future.

We just need to learn when it’s time to persist and when acceptance is required.

Acceptance does not mean give up hopes. Right now, for some reasons, I cannot do things I want to do but there may be hope down the road; maybe someday things might work out. I call it to walk along the universe.

I started living a more fulfilling life. Instead of seeking happiness, I actually being happy.

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All frustration in life due to unfulfilled desires and endless expectations. If we dwell on obstacles, struggle, and difficulties, our mind will bring to us to the same situation again and again.

Life is a matter of choice. We can either be in a constant battle with the world. Challenge every situation, be unhappy the way things turn out, rejecting the imperfections of the present or we let everything take its own shape because every circumstance comes in life to experience it fully unless we are done with the lessons, it keeps ripping our soul.