Everything tastes sweet in small amounts. The problem with overthinking is that you can think yourself to death.

While, on the surface, over-thinking may be passed on as a quality, but it is actually a fatal flaw. Not only do we spend countless hours worrying about the trivial but in doing so, deteriorate our health as well.

It ruins your situation and brain wires. You enjoy less and think more. It’s not easy to calm down the brain and break the big chunk, but it’s far more important.

Over-thinking is not all bad. You become more conscious, careful about your feelings and others, and get a chance to correct your mistakes and figure out things. But the problem is you don’t know how much is too much.

It’s essentially pointless to think about the things we can’t control. That’s why when it comes to the future, putting your faith in something bigger than you is necessary. You need to trust that there is a purpose of your pain and reason of your struggle.


Read for some relief:


Quit trying to make sense of everything that happens to you, allow yourself to flow free, accepting all the blessings and blossoms of life.

Try it for one day. Imagine there is someone blessing you from the clouds. When you stop letting your mind run wild, you trust, you believe there is someone above you who will take care of your well-being. You calm that worried heart.

Start living in the moment:

Don’t stew about the future. No one can predict what’s going to happen to you in ten years or as a matter of fact, even tomorrow! Life is unpredictable. Who knows what circumstances one might encounter that may change the course of his life. Planning ahead of time is admirable, but one should not go about planning for the next ten years for the next five years!

Realize when you’re stuck:

The mind works in an automated way unless you stop it, it won’t. Most of the times, one doesn’t understand that he has been over-thinking. One way to stop this is to keep track of one’s thought process.

For this, you need to be aware of what’s running inside you. Once you figure out the what-side of the question, you have a choice to either change it or throw it into the dustbin.

If and when you realize that you are spending too much time thinking about a particular topic, quit immediately. Try to divert your attention to the tasks at hand. Channelize your thoughts to a different direction. The earlier you realize this, the better.

When you trust there is someone above you who will take care of your well-being. You calm your worried heart Click To Tweet

Find that uncomfortable emotion:

Over-thinking always begins with emotions. The brain conversation starts when you may feel shame, terrified, rejected, anger, or love.

You replay the situation or conversation to understand the why. Endless thoughts, one after another prompt to search for the evidence to support your emotions or feelings.


Your self-made headache won’t cure within an hour or a day. Practice it for days if not weeks. Slowly and steadily, your brain will begin to relax.