2017 was a year of trial and error. When you spent nights in why when you wandered in dark questioning every shadow coming across, waking up mid-night facing the ceiling, you were finding yourself. This was the time when you couldn’t see the sun when you tried to wake up every morning with a blissful smile and alluring hope, but it led you through challenges.

The 365 days you spent thinking you were not enough, you tried to find the spark in you, you pushed yourself little further to tranquil the thirst, you became directionless, you became unknown. It was the year of falling and not being caught.

But 2018 would be different. It would be a fresh start. It would be the year when you’ll stop giving a shit to the people who don’t care about you.

Let it be the year when you say yes to yourself when you open your arms to embrace the happiness around you. Say yes to new connections, new opportunities, letting go of old pain and start healing the wound. Say yes to love, give someone a chance to hold your hand, to trust that someone better is awaiting you in this path of a beautiful journey.

Let this year find the real you. Without over-analysing, fully clasping the unknown, without planning days, months, years, just say YES. You have already wasted much time figuring out pros and cons, don’t try to bend life to fit into your rules or control people, and instead, celebrate the adventure of unknown.

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Till now, you have been in a cage made by yourself. You feared you got hurt, you give people shit out of your life, you become harsh.

This year, stop being a victim of your own expectations. Stop criticizing your every move, your wrong doings, be gentle with yourself, you made your dreams your life, instead of making them a tiny part of life.

Instead of shying away, instead of letting fear guide your hurt, instead of taking control of every circumstance, instead of clinging to expectations, let life flow in you.

Get involved with all your senses, see the life around you, eat that extra dose of chocolate you left the other day thinking that calories will kill you.

Be ready to open up to the thoughts, ideas, adventure, and the people. There is no need to hide emotions, feelings, desires, and wishes, be ingenuous to everything. Peel back the layers around your heart, break down the walls, don’t be fragile and timid, be vulnerable and brave.

Instead of closing yourself off, decide to hope, get into you.

Its ok if people judge you, backstab you, make assumptions about you, you are not supposed to be idol human for all neither you can be. You didn’t fly as far as you can because you were afraid, you dressed in a certain way, behaved in a precise manner, you took every opinion in your heart and act accordingly, you lost your real self, and became a puppet of people.

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But you know, it was your fault, you gave them so much importance that you forget your own existence. This year 2018, just nod, when someone questions your purpose, no need to argue, they have their certain way of thinking and living and so has you. Shrug your shoulder and keep moving on.

Let 2018 be the year when you finally decide to be your own hero!!