Have you asked someone what is wrong when a person start acting differently? Have you ever noticed someone’s eyes when he pretends to smile? Have you told someone “don’t worry, I am here” when he was in deep sorrow?

We don’t take someone’s problem so seriously. For us, we are the first, our thinking, our love, our pain, our happiness, our success, and our life. But what about others? What about people who love us or whom we love?

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Respect their feelings be honest with them, let them remind that someone out there is always with them irrespective. By doing so, you may not get anything, you may not give anything. But it will stop their emotional walls to fall.

It doesn’t mean, we should stop thinking for ourselves and keep doing well for others. You love yourself, but don’t be selfish. Just give them some attention when they need the most.

We treat them as they are going to be around us all the time. We have convinced ourselves that they are not going anywhere. What we forget to realize is that we have come into this life for a limited time. We are not supposed to live forever and, so are the other people.

Sometimes, we make them feel as we don’t care, their presence doesn’t matter to us. But have you ever thought, what if the very next morning, we lose them, without saying a goodbye? What if someone’s laughter and voice turn into a memory?

Leaving feelings of jittery, fidgety and guilt, will you forgive yourself? When you will know you are the reason for feeling someone’s alone.

I am not saying you don’t love them, care them. It’s just that we don’t realize, we are always surrounded by ourselves, we don’t try to read their silence, tears in their dried eyes.

We don’t tell how they matter to us, how much we love them. We don’t use words that make their heart warm. We ignore them without realizing.

People change every day. It’s indulging to witness them grow, evolve and transform into a different person. It’s amazing to find out why they smile, what makes them feel sad.  It’s fulfilling to see how deep their souls are, to feel what’s in their heart, to understand what’s in their mind.

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Show them love, when they are much needed. Don’t let them feel alone. Respect their feelings, you might never know when you find your feet inside their shoes. Life is unpredictable.

Hold their hands, support them when they are scared, give them the reasons to live longer in this world. Create moments with them. Our roles in their life will never be forgotten; we are part of their history, we are part of their life.