Life can be exhausting at times. The constant attack of stress and depression leaves us drained and tired. In these pressured up situations, the smile turns upside down.

We all want to remain happy and refreshed the moment we step out of the bed, but mostly we are irritated and tired because of this monotonous and boring life. The happy hormones in our body could help us remain refreshed and joyous even after a tiring week at the office.

Here’s a list of few things that could be done in order to increase the level of happy hormones☺☺☺

Spend time with friends ???:

When the happiness meter of your life falls in the red zone, turn to your friend for help. Spending some quality time with a person you love, drastically increases the level of oxytocin. You’ll start feeling more alive and more active than before. The next time you feel down, just pay a visit to your friend. You’ll realize that the moment you step out from his house, you have a big smile on your face.


Hug someone ???:

Oxytocin does the job for you again. A good thirty-second hug releases all your tensions and lightens up your mood. It is, as if, a huge burden has been unloaded from your shoulders. Perhaps now you know the power of a –‘Jadu ki Jhappi.’(Magical Hug)

Take a walk under the Sun???:

The soft sound of the birds chirping, the wind slowly riffling through your hair, the clear blue sky and the openness of nature are reasons enough for one to quit the comfort of his bed and take a walk down the alley. Apart from these scenic pleasures, we also get a free dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D triggers the production of Serotonin and thus increasing our happy hormones.

Completing small tasks??? :

Have you ever felt the satisfaction completing your task? If you did, then you might easily believe the fact that task completion leads to the production of dopamine and is thus responsible for that big smile that comes across your face when you achieve a given goal. Try and set up realistic goals every day. Try to complete these small tasks. Bam! You are gifted with a dose of dopamine to keep you happy.

Listen to music???:

Music helps calm our nerves. It detaches us from the stress that was dragging us into the pit of unhappiness and propels us into the path of joyousness. Listening to music also releases dopamine. Next time, when you feel depressed, plug in your headphones and lose yourself to the rhythm of the song.


It is a known fact that exercising releases nearly every happy hormone into the blood stream. A sweat for a smile? Sure worth the pain.

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” Click To Tweet

Laughter ???:

I know all of you know about the laughter clubs where people do the most interesting thing ever- Laugh! Laughter releases endorphins and eventually makes the forced laughter into an easy coming and natural laugh.

In this modern world, where almost everyone faces stress at varying degrees, happiness has become a thing unheard of. Instead of wasting countless hours buffering through YouTube videos of stand-up comedians, try to perform the above activities to live a naturally happy life. Keep Smiling.☺☺☺