“Who seems the hardest to love often deserve it the most”

Her fragile heart doesn’t slip off at first sight. She admires your charm but doesn’t get attracted to grab you. Her mind guards her heart.

She is a slow dance, one step forward another step back, she first learns the ways of your heart and strength in your arms. She is a kind of tentative, little shy, and a lot secretive.

She shares her basics with you. But to know what she holds inside, you have to peel off the layers of her heart. Using sarcasm to escape the grasps of any intimate or layered question thrown her way, she deviates the topic.

She deserts you to trigger a flurry of emotions. She seeks the truth of your words and intention of your heart. She thinks too much, talks to too little, struggles to rest in your love. Sometimes, she is complex and difficult to understand.

She is a confused mess, play inside her head, she struggles with knowing how much her heart to give you. She really measures it. She is too protected. You may willing to exit her life. When you will become exhausted to dig, you may think to quit.

If you really want to love her, admire patience, learn to appreciate silence. She is quiet and handful. At times, you entice towards her tempts to grasp her, but at another, she makes you throw her away.

She captivates your senses, once you get to know her entirely. She still shrugs you off. She doesn’t mean to push you away. She is afraid to be left out with her scratched surface.

She doesn’t let her emotional walls go down, to show you her vulnerable side unless she is reassured. Barbed walls, armed guard surrounds her feelings; yet you still want to break through. It makes her a little uncomfortable at first, but then she decides to give herself a chance. Let you touch the part of her heart that remained unreachable before.

Once you love her, you can’t let your breath apart from her. Beyond her guarded heart, she holds the wonders of universe. She hears every whisper of your breath. She is not convinced by fancy dinners, flowers, and appraisals. She wants to walk with you holding your hand adoring the alluring beauty of night.

She is passionate. She knows what it means to suffer. Along with her suffering, she has come to understand love.

She dares to open up to you like a sky. Chocking every droplet she exposes her fearless soul. You see her unearth beauty and free in spiritual grace.

Brave, courageous; she holds in her fierce spirit, yet she is calm and tranquil, a place to take shelter against the fury of stormy days.

Because loving her is hard, but she worths it.

When you choose to love her, you will know why she worth it.

[bctt tweet=”she is not hard to handle she’s just particular about hands and how they receive her but if you get it right it is nothing sort of a dance.  ” username=”zistboon”]