She lied when he asked, ‘do you love me?

With teary eyes, her last words were, ‘Why should I be in your life when you deserve better than me?’

It wasn’t easy for her. She was unable to convince every person when they ask why she left him. When she know that he was the person who cared her the most who made her worth in his life. He was so kind. She was the luckiest person to have him.

She thought, he gave her more than she deserved, more than she demanded. But when she realized he is the kind of person who deserves more, more than her. She failed to repay half of his love and deep inside she knew she is unable to love the way he loved. She left him.

She thought, she was an independent, free-minded woman who cares way too much about herself than start for worrying someone else.

She left him not for herself but for him. She thought, why he should have a small piece of heart when he is worthy of a whole. He was the best partner.

He worth a lady, who thinks herself good enough to embrace a man like him. The lady who loves him the same way he loves her. She is not even close to that dream lady. She feels inferior. For her, he is a Superman and she is nobody.

She left because she failed to change her true instinct, even after several tries.

She wanted to keep his warmth, his gentleness, his care, his love, his time and all his efforts to make her laugh, for herself. But she left all these for someone who will be able to give him the same.

She let him go because she doesn’t want him to feel unappreciated anymore. She let him go because she loved him and want him to feel the wholesome feeling of love.

For her confession, she said that she is not being mean rather she is stopping herself from being selfish.

From the bottom of the heart, she thanked every moment when they were together. When he wore Superman jacket to make her smile. When he stood by her facing whole world off.

And the very next moment she felt sorry. Sorry for not fulfilling the promises. For leaving him in the mid of the life journey, for letting go all the feelings they grew up together, for hurting him so deeply.

She prayed for him. She demanded to blossom love in his life, to paint a rainbow in the sunshine. She begged God to adorn his life with beautiful smiles and cheerful laughs.