Like everybody, I won’t thank you. Our relationship, your love, care for me, and my bestowed respect towards you are beyond such meanings.

I am dependent on you Maa. Every day, I get up I look at you to end up my daily needs. You scold me, and I get upset. I know you were hurt too. Sometimes, my words were too tough and hard. But there was not a single day you let me sleep without smiling. All your efforts were sake of me.

I know, I am not a perfect daughter. I say bitter about a lot of things and made a fair share of mistakes. I argued with you to prove useless points. Sometimes, it was funny, sometimes, I was it was too serious. But that’s ok, we both were in a way to grow our relationship.
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I know Maa, you are insecure, you’re worried about me every now and then. You think the world is not a better place for your little angel to blossom. But I want to make you believe today, you have made your daughter strong, brave, independent, determined, and compassionate enough to live happily in every phase of life.

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You know Maa, when I was grown up I created my own world. A real-fantasy world, where you were not allowed. I hurt you a lot. That time, you had a choice to leave me alone to struggle in this unpleasant-pleasant life. But you never strip away your hand above my head. It was always there. Without any demands, without any complaints, you were there.

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Now, Maa, when you look at me, you know, your eyes shines with hope. You want your daughter to take care of you. To fulfill all your wishes that you left behind decades ago.

I want to make a promise today. All the dreams, all the sacrifices you have done to me will not be a waste. I know, when you were like me; a girl, you had dreams, you wanted to be something but end up being a Mother. I know you love your role. But now, it’s my duty to unpause your dreams. Because it’s time to role reverse.

But now, it’s my duty to unpause your dreams. Because it’s time to role reverse. Click To Tweet

You never told how much you love me, neither I. We are in a relationship Maa, where words have no place. After all, love doesn’t need to be literal.

People say mother’s love is unconditional. That’s you, do everything for me, sacrifice your present for the sake my future. Let tell you one thing Maa, my love is not unconditional. I think this is the purest form of love that only a mother can bestow on their child.

You said it right, “when you’ll be a mother, you will be able to feel that absolute form of love.”

I’ll be your little angel forever Maa, I need your love always. For people, I may have grown up, a mature girl. But for you, I am always a little angel, who still want to sleep in your lap.

I am your part. And I am proud of it.