As the proverb that says –“Health is wealth”, we can clearly understand that while leading our busy schedules we should never detriment our health in any way. Because only if we are healthy, we will be happy or live a life that we want.

All of us want to live well, thrive and enjoy the beautiful life with our loved ones. Maintaining a healthy life is something everyone wants but the mindset of maintaining it may vary.

5 must things to do if you see yourself healthy:

1 Exercise:

Stagnation can kill us. News reports and statistics show how many people have died because of obesity resulting because of unhealthy habits and lack of exercise. These days people tend to stay at homes preferring the life indoors rather than going out, this includes the children also.

As a result, most of the population suffer from obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders, and cancers. In studies, it has been found people doing mild exercises like regular walking, jogging, yoga tends to have better mental, emotional and physical health. Moreover, they are more agile, more focused as well as more energetic.

Make little changes in life. Go for a morning walk, take stairs instead of the elevator, use a bicycle, try to walk as much as possible, don’t sit after eating walk at least 100 steps. These things are not big and not even hard to change, it requires only awareness and little efforts. Stay tiny, stay steady!!

2 Avoid stress:

Stress is a demon which affects our mental health. Our mind is a storehouse of creative ideas, having the power to create vast connections. Having more fears, hopes, memories, regrets we stress our mind so much that we actually miss out on life. We can control them to either become more stressful or navigable.

Find things that cause you mental stress, and uncheck them for your life. Further, try to cut yourself from stressful situation.

3 Rest and relaxation:

It has been seen that starting from teenagers to adults they sleep less. Wrong sleeping patterns, lots of stress and workload, lack of relaxation because of an unsound sleep make people inactive and sluggish.

This leads to serious health issues in fertility, digestion, higher brain functions, creativity, and healing. Furthermore, lack of sleep prematurely ages our body, detriments our immune system and diminishes our energy to a great extent. Our hormone levels get affected, as a result, we suffer from serious metabolic failure.

We should seriously avoid caffeine before going to bed as well as avoid surfing social media 2 hours before going to bed as that hugely affects our sleep patterns. Sleeping at a proper time in a quiet room with a clean bed ensures a relaxed mind.

4 Positive thinking:

Thoughts affect our brain wires and create chemical that further deals with our emotion and feelings. As the life getting tougher and we are getting little time to look at ourselves, it is very much essential to keep a key on our thought patterns.

Meditation, positive affirmations, gratitude can do that work very gracefully. It can transform our mind into a happy and peaceful friend. Meditation creates space between our thought that further helps us to calm our mind and give a relief from a churning mind. Researchers have shown how our positive thoughts can give us healthy mind and body.

It also heavily impacts our physical body. Every emotion and feeling that a thought creates leave a great effect on our internal organ.

Start your day with meditation and positive affirmations.

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 5 Diet:

As the old saying goes-“You are what you eat”. Eating a lot of junk food slows our metabolism affecting the nervous system. This prevents the toxic wastes to be flushed out of our body. Hence we should always eat a healthy diet with whole grains, lots of green leafy vegetables as well as with proper protein uptake.

Don’t just on rely on fruits or juices. Improve your knowledge about nutrition and go with your bodily demand as not every diet is for everyone. Make it balanced enough to supply the demand of your body. Stick to the diet and see the change in yourself.