Do you know why our life is stressful? The root is we build some unhealthy habits unconsciously. Smallest things have the biggest impact on lives. Better living is a daily process.

All we expect better and happier lives without efforts. Some little efforts can change your living sense dramatically.

But before knowing what are these healthy habits are. Let me tell you, How we humans can form a habit.

How to Make Healthy Habits?

We pick habits unconsciously. A simple check on regular life can work dramatically in changing our entire life. Unhealthy habits are hard to break, but developing few healthy habits can replace negativity. Just invest in good habits to earn a higher return for life.

Work on a particular thing for at least 21 days or more. Yes, this is the key, Robin Sharma in his book “The Monk Who Sold His Farai” has specifically explained the idea of 21 days. Pick anything that you want to turn as your habit. For instance, you may want to get up early in the morning, something like at 6 AM. Any new habit will feel stressful for the first 21 days. Have persistence, determination, and courage to take up the challenge. Stick to 6. After 21 days you will have a new protocol in your place.

To be true, I tried it and guess what it worked.



I know life is busy, you may not have time to think of formatting new healthy habits. Here are the points that may help deal with your busy life.

These ideas are highly practical to implement in day to day life and will not consume much time of the day. Just pick few habits for the life betterment:

Start a Morning Walk:

Start your day with a fresh. breathing and walk. Get up early in the morning. Get two positive thoughts amid negativity. Complete a physical challenge every day. Have exercise, yoga or morning stretch if you are getting time. Drink plenty of water to keep you energized for the whole day.

Meditate Daily for Five Minutes:

Meditation is a soulful workout for brains. It helps in focusing and handling stress. There are many mindfulness videos that can help you in the beginning.

If you are facing problem in sleeping, meditate for few minutes before sleeping and listen to slow and soft music to slow down your thought process. This idea is helping a lot many insomniac people.

Be Hygiene Conscious:

People don’t like sitting with a person who looks dirty or behaves dirty. Wash your hands before eating anything. This way, you can keep many diseases away.

Drink a glass of water before half an hour of every meal. Don’t talk while eating and chew your meal adequately. I know it’s hard, but certainly not impossible. After all, a good digestive system can prevent many diseases.

Learn one new thing in a week. Make the time more productive and worthier. Here is a list of things you can learn even in 10 minutes.

Schedule Yourself:

Enjoy physical appearance of people rather than social chit-chats on web platforms. This will enhance the value of relationships. Set the boundaries for the online and social presence of you. Plan your work before the next day.

Keep the things at their original place. It will save time. Rearrangement of things consumes a lot of time every day.

Screens like smartphones, televisions, prevent you from sleeping by secreting hormone melatonin. So, shut down or keep these things away at least one hour before sleeping.

Regular Self-analysis:

Spend time with yourself. Prefer writing than thinking for analysing yourself. Separate the plus and minus of you and list them for working. Every day analyzation keeps you on right track and help you in taking right decisions.

if you feel inferior learn how to keep yourself self-motivated.

Express gratitude for three things a day:

Feel the gratitude for every good thing happen in your life. This way, you can make a layer of positive energy around you. It will keep your mind fresh and energetic. Just write down three grateful things every day. If you don’t get time to bring copy-pen and write, feel it for at least 20 seconds.

Make at Least One Person Smile in a Day:

You may not have thought of this earlier. And you may be thinking how it will help me to make smile a person. But let me tell you, it does. It will give you plenty of pleasure and hundreds of blessings. You may not see it, but you can feel it.

Work on any of the above ideas and feedback us in the comment box that how much it helped you.