Do you think a person can be well of feelings, storms of hope, and an endless bundle of care? I am talking about people who love deeply. They may not have any reason to love. Nor they can stop loving others.

They are both soft and strong. They do not know how to stop their heart beating so fast. The most beautiful aspect of their love is they cannot stop giving, even if they want to. People who love deeply also get hurt deeply.

They are highly sensitive. They delete their emotions to fill the hollowness in people who do not even appreciate. Even after so much failure, they keep trying to pour their love on others. They get hurt.

For people who been loved deeply, it is amusing how they can love too much without asking anything in return. Their love is unconditional. But this does not set the people whom they love, free. They accept others love which possibly could never mirror the rare love of their nature. They respect love for the sake of the person and allow their warmth feelings to make them feel new again, to love them more deeply.


They are soft. They do not have control over feeling or they don’t want to control themselves deliberately. People who love deeply do not set themselves free. Not because they are weak over feelings, nor they are carving for love appreciation.

They have a hard time leaving because they fail to convince themselves to leave the person, they know they can help. They never stop loving the person to the fullest of their potential. Because of too much hurt, they may stop saying externally, but their ultimate feelings never die. They stop echoes of all ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, and keep moving on the path of their deep love.

And where they find the hurt? Surprisingly, they get hurt not because of others. Their deep engraved feeling of love keep hurting them. The small wound that imprints in their heart create confusion in their head. They do not think, there can be something wrong with others. They thought if they were good enough when they have so much to pour on others’ heart. The unsatisfactory emotions haunt them to the rest for their life.

Never think, they do anything intentionally. This is not in their hand and they are not pretending either. They only live to give. They can break, but they cannot stop loving. People who love deeply trouble to forget someone – they suffer more.

Now, you come here. They are the few genuine, pure souls who only know filling others empty glass. Don’t think anyone can take advantage of such human being. Their feelings are very strong and so is their vibes and intuitions.

If you don’t respect them, leave them at their peace. Don’t judge them. If you don’t know when to stop taking and when to start loving them despite their inability to ask for love, maintain the distance. Don’t touch them. You don’t worth their love.

The said love is not for one. They love almost everyone whom they encounter in their life journey. No amount of love is the waste. But this is only about people who love deeply, not for everyone.

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