Nobody ever said that raising a kid was easy for them. There are no hard and fast rules to bringing up a kid. Everyone has his own way, but some guidelines should be followed to perfectly complete your job. A parent job never ends, no matter how your kid has grown up or he is no more a kid.

Children are like a flower, where lack of resources wither them, the excess of love makes them extra moist.

You are not responsible for his happiness every time:

Pampering is good, but sometimes, giving space to your child is also necessary. The logic behind this thought is to create self-understanding in your child. If your child is not feeling happy after your hard efforts, give him space and let him or her try understand the self-conflict and resolve. This is the first wise step towards your child’s maturity. Draw a line between doing too much and too little.

Don’t try to control them:

Don’t treat your child as a puppet. You cannot control every move your child especially outside of the house. Let him flow with his free will. You can influence or motivate him by the limits you set and consequence you give. Monitor his every activity rather than giving fast and certain decisions.

Back supporter:

Healthy parenting falls amid balance of nurture and structure. After a strong start of the relationship, always keep your hands at the back of your child and let him play free to work on the path of his choice rather than pushing him.

Work on the mental and physical level:

Most of the parents are concerned for the physical health of their children but in mid of that, many of you forget to work on the mental level. Mental strength is the root of future growth that includes building confidence, techniques to listen to the inner voice, self-control, inner confidence, and other similar ideas.