The story of Stephen Hawking is not less than surprise who was not expected to live long but become a legend! He is an inspiration to many, neither because of his theories nor due to his label as the great scientist, but because of the difficult times and challenges he faced during continuation of work including the fight from his incurable disease.

The story of Stephen Hawking all about the journey from 21 when he came to know that he sentenced by the doctor that he has only 2.5 years life remaining. Despite this, he enjoyed his platinum jubilee of life with great name and fame. Of course, the journey of his physical incapacitation wouldn’t be easy as a scientist.

What makes Stephen Hawking alive?

No one could even think that life bounded by wheelchair could be such interesting and successful.

His internal strength keeps him alive despite life-threating disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Such severe illness doesn’t stop him to experience the joy of a father. His life and his positive approach to disability and diversity are equally remarkable besides his theories of Big Bang and Relativity.

The life of Stephen Hawking is one valuable gem that teaches us to be strong enough in adverse situations. No matter what and how bad your life is, there are choices all around you. Be brave enough to find and try out those choices – the belief of Hawking says.

Smile more and complaint less, you will see the difference!

Stephen Hawking not only contributed to the science world but also to those who are looking to learn a different approach towards life and the zeal of liveliness. His never give up attitude! He also believes empathy can counter aggression. It makes us a true human on the earth.

Second choice can reap!

We often get disappointed when we don’t get things of our choices. Hawking wanted to study mathematics at the university, but that was not the available option at his times. So, he opted for the physics. No doubt, physics was his second choice, but his desires paid him well.

We need to flow with the life. Life has its own way taking care of us no matter how dark it is.

Don’t stop asking ‘How’ and ‘Why’!

Knowledge is limitless, we might not get the answers to all questions but we shouldn’t stop ourselves from questioning. Hawking said he is still a kid who asks the lots of ‘how’ and ‘why’ and occasionally get the answers. His life teaches us to stay curious at every moment.

We are in charge of the illimitable possibilities!

Hawking said, “The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.”

Keeping your hands busy is no more relevant if you failed to keep your mind open and active. Mind is the biggest asset. Share your knowledge and leave the mark of whatever new you find.

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Don’t focus on your limitations!

“If one is disabled, one should concentrate on things one can do and not regret the things one can’t do.” – Stephen Hawking.

At one point in time, Hawking lost his voice, but he never left to speak. He found his own ways to speech by playing with the technology. Despite all such problems, he didn’t stop delivering lectures. This messages us to keep eyes off to the limitation and focus on potentials and possibilities.

There is always something you can do and succeed.