He is one of the most successful and the richest person on the planet. His wealth is equivalent to combined GDP of many African countries. The founder of Microsoft, a philanthropist, college dropout rich man, Bill Gates has a different ideology to conquer the world.

He believed success is a beautiful fountain that covers all your past mistakes. No one is going to dig your past once your success speaks louder. Don’t afraid even if you have chosen the wrong path, correct your decisions and actions, the only way to attain that state is success.

Success has a different meaning for everyone. After securing financial aspects, Bill Gates start charity. He gave $1 Billion to a clean energy project.

Find ideas that can give a push to your self-motive.

Be your boss:

Try to do something unique. After learning basic programming and coding, Bill Gates tried his own coding language and gave a new picture to the word and founded Windows.

Be your own boss rather than following others path. It gives you the freedom to work, learn from mistakes, and correct them in your unique way.

If you have abundance, help others:

Help others, once you indulge your needs. Bill Gates said, “I have no use of money beyond a certain point, its usefulness resides in building new organizations and getting the resources out to the poorest of the world.”

Apart from success in business, Gates emphasizes health, poverty abolition, education, and other genuine things that made him one of the biggest philanthropist. Billions of counts in bank accounts can’t make you happy unless you don’t have a good health.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”30L6W” via=”yes” ]The golden rule that all lives have equal value and we should treat people as we would like to be treated – Bill Gates[/ctt]

Don’t blame, take charge of your mistakes and learn:

Mistakes are major part of life and it gives you the courage to be better. Mr. Gates mentioned success a lousy teacher; it doesn’t teach you like mistakes.

He land marked the learnings of life instead of schooling.

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Let people speak for you:

Being focused is not enough, take action on the right time your destination will find you. Revolutionary ideas are hard to digest if you tell people. Don’t explain your ideas; let your actions speak.

Focus on a specific passion:

If you really want to be remarkable, you must follow your interest and make it your passion. Start as early as you can. And make that passion your whole universe.

At the age of 13, Bill Gates recognized his interest in computers and technology. ‘Thinking ahead and looking forward’ is one of his key Mantra.

There are too many distractions and opportunities in life, but one must track litmus test of time.

Not an overnight stardom:

Be patient things take time. Bill agrees with the statement, “no matter how great talent or efforts are things take time you can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” Wait for the right time to hit hammer and get the best return.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”nMfXA” via=”yes” ]success is a beautiful fountain that covers all your past mistakes. No one is going to dig your past once your success speaks louder. [/ctt]

Be practical and realistic:

Bill said, “TV is not a real life, though it may be part of some real life incidents.” Life is not every time fair, you have to swallow down difficulties and challenges. Real life is quite tough. It throwbacks and you have to get up again. There are plenty of heroes and villains whom you need to compete and win over.

Never be a copy of someone:

You have unique talents that differ you from the crowd. You are not supposed to be like others. Do what suits you the most.

Even, don’t follow the same practice of success, grab the key points and make your own path. Keep exploring!!!