It was the dark hour of the day. Myriad of birds chirping and squawking, were returning to their abode.   It sounded her melancholic.

With gloomy mood and cynical thoughts, Nidhi was sitting on the bench in the park. She had a rough day with her father. Her grimace face cheered up when she saw Raman coming to her.

Raman was her new neighbor. Within a short span of one month, Nidhi and Raman became very close to each other. Raman was not a regular guy. The bristly eyebrows and half-dome cheekbones sat above the concrete jaw, her eyes scintillate when she first saw him. Buttoned-down white shirt peeping through his nomad blue blazer, Nidhi was stunned to see his burly physique.

Let’s go, I got something for you’, Raman insisted Nidhi.

‘What, Where? I am not in mood.’

Come na baba, you will like it’, Raman pulled her hand. Raman knew how to perk up her mood.

Holding his hand, Nidhi followed his footstep. They both moved out of the park.

The lingering light was obliterated by the rapidly falling night. The dusk had to say goodbye. A canopy of luminous stars materialized among the ocean of the blackness. It was a full moon night. They both set on the parapet of the terrace hanging their legs downwards. Shimmering white light approaching the young couple.

Nidhi looked up. She was observing this alluring night.

Raman slides his hands into his pocket, a white-diamond pendant came out. He presented it in front of Nidhi.

Her eyes glittered as she gave an eye to it. ‘For me?’ She asked smiling. Raman nodded.

Without uttering a word Nidhi turned her back towards him. Raman lifted her hairs to the front. She was wearing a U-shaped evening tank top. Her half bare creamy back was carelessly visible to him. A swirl of emotion made Raman gasp. He took a moment to contemplate. Nidhi became aware of his intention. Gaining all his senses, Raman clasped the pendant around her neck.

He never saw Nidhi like this before. Without thinking too much, his fingers smoothly touched her there. Nidhi felt a tangle.

He kissed her back. She experienced an adrenaline rush. Her heartbeat accelerated. The unfamiliar sensation made her body tremble. She also wanted to get intimate. Their love was about to go beyond the words. He made a cross with her leg. She didn’t stop him.

Catching a sign, Raman reached out to her arms making her turn around. They both were now facing each other. Their eyes met. Loosen his grip on her hand, Raman, grabbed her face. She could not maintain eye contact. She closed her eyes; surrendered herself. In luminescence of the night, he pursued at her face – in the greatest possible detail. He slightly rubbed his thumb over her moist cheek.

‘Nidhi….’ he whispered slowly.

Never before had her name felt so wonderful. Nidhi skipped a beat, her heart was fluttering. She was not in a state to respond.

‘I love you Nidhi. I really do.’

She could feel his breath on her face. Nidhi placed her arms around him. His contiguity has made her numb. She let her lips got apart. Raman slightly tilted his head to kiss her. He also closed his eyes, their lips met. The moon-light bestowed on them as they kissed passionately.

It drizzled, the first rain of the monsoon draped over their bone structure. The magical moment temporary broken. They both looked up. It drove them crazy. Raman sucked every droplet from her lips.

Nidhi di….’ Nidhi snapped out of the trance as her younger sister, Anu nudged her.

‘What are you doing up at the stairs, its thundering, you will fall ill.’

‘I was just……’ her voice was croaky she could not complete the sentence. Anu sensed her emotions.

‘He is not gonna come di, it’s been 1 year, you need to come out his thoughts. Tomorrow is your engagement di,’ she empathized towards her.

Nidhi chose to keep mum. Nidhi’s eyes traced towards to a big sparkling star.

‘I will,’ she said gazing at the star. It twinkled blowing a smile towards her. Tears rolled down to her cheeks.

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