There are two categories of people in existence, they are the QUITTERS and the WAITERS.

The quitters are always in a haste, they see delays as setbacks, to them now is the appointed time, if they can’t get it now, they will never get it.

The quitters are so much fun to behold, they run before the whistle, they want to grab it asap, and all they are able to achieve is a premature breakthrough/ miracle.

At the end, all their painstaking effort becomes a meltdown, shadow and a feeling of guilt

What can I say about the WAITERS, they are calm, patient, and to them, the delay is no problem. They believe in due season, they believe in God’s appointed time, and they know that delay is not denial, but an opportunity for a better miracle.

They wait patiently for their desired opportunity, knowing that when it eventually comes, it brings joy, peace, and stability of mind.

Don’t forget that waiting is the best policy, your today’s denial will bring you tomorrow’s upliftment.
Therefore, learn to wait, don’t be quick to jump out, learn your lessons in the waiting period, and make a blast whenever opportunity knocks.