We always live in autopilot mode. We rarely think about the things that matter most in our life.

You should put a question mark on almost everything. It uncovers buried belief, challenges your capacities, face off your present situation, and give a clear picture of everything.

Sometimes, we need to be specific, assertive for our thoughts. It doesn’t mess up our identity. We show the world who we are and how good we can be. Questions help to attain that state.

You should ponder the questions which often leaves uncomfortable silence. You should be forced to think, then only you will realize what your whole life is about.

Asking yourself thought-provoking questions bring light to your self-awareness. Here, you will brighten up your dreams, goals, desires, certain objects in life. And when you know who you are, where you are going, what you are doing, you will be adept to open closed doors of opportunities.

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You don’t need a reason to stumble upon on these question, to be lost and confused. In a normal life, you should keep asking these questions to ensure your happiness, to take charge of your emotion, actions, and reactions.

Why I am doing, what I am doing:

You should know why you are doing your job. Is this a sign of responsibility or you are enjoying it? Are you doing it for money, for fame, for name or is there something else in your subconscious mind that you are not aware of?

Where I am going:

Are you following the crowd or creating your own space? You should know where you belong from. Are you at the wrong place? Here, your heart will help you.

Am I the best version of me?

There is always a sense of improvement, do you find yourself perfect or you want to get better at something? Ask yourself what can I do today to be a better version of me.

What are my core values?

Values help you in decision-making. If you define your values, you clearly know what you are not supposed to do. Forget all that you were taught in childhood; don’t speak a lie, be honest, respect elders and so on. Just think what matters to you and simply fit in your present life.

What is the one thing I would like others to remember about me?

This helps you find your ultimate aim and provokes you to accelerate high in life. It creates history. Give the world a reason to remember your name, just find what that reason is. Leave the legacy, not a liability.

Am I happy in my relationship?

Are you with the person who understands you, loves you, care you, will stand by you no matter what? Do find yourself comfortable enough to open up your heart in front of him/her? Do you really want a lifetime commitment?? He/she is your partner who will hold you until your last breath?

These questions will land you in the ocean of happiness.

Does it really matter what others think about me?

We often things what will other people think about us and consequently alter our plans and decisions. You need to ask yourself, does people’s opinion impact your life? Do you really need to listen to their voice or hear the sound of your heart beats? Are they really deserve that much attention?

Only you are answerable for your situations, your life, remember this before responding.

Am I responding my intuition?

Intuitions aware us before any disaster or miracles. Are you ready to avoid those disaster and welcome miracles in life? We often ignore signs that nature leaves for us, we find it bothersome and sometimes we don’t even believe until that happens.

You should trust your intuition, it never lies.

Am I living or only surviving?

If you are breathing, you are alive. If you are doing good to yourself, you are earning, feeding yourself and simply enjoying only your life, you are surviving.

But if you are helping others, trying to flush smile, feeding a homeless hungry man, learning new things, you are genuinely happy, you are living. When did the last time you truly lived?

Find the hidden gems in you. It’s not about just living, it’s about growing every day. Questions fertile your land to show right seed.