The story of Naman and Ridhi who were sharing the best friend saga. But the moment after moment they indulged into, made me write their beautiful love story.

He was the same man whom she met every day, but this time Ridhi noticed him. His lively, warm eyes, sparkles with bliss when he smiles. His sanguine, serene and calm expression, gazed her eyes. She was somehow magically drawn to his silent features.

They looked at each other for few seconds, the lips smiled but those eyes ceased to be a part of her world. He sensed her intensity. After all, they were best friends.

Ridhi was stunned on her own action.

He is my best friends I am not supposed to feel for him and above all, I can’t love anybody anymore’, she murmured.

‘Are you ok?’ Naman asked sensing her state of mind.

‘Yea, yea I am fine’, Ridhi deserted him looking at another side of the lake.

They both silently left the place.

I don’t think I would ever fall in love again

A perfectly crafted after-break-up line; Ridhi recited this three more times. Like all, Ridhi restrained her heart to fall for anybody after the heartbreak.

But the difference was Ridhi was not heartbroken. She was not cynical, pessimistic, sad or hopeless. She was full of life. But when it was lost, she honestly believed she would never get back to the road of love.

She assumed everybody comes in life to walk away. Even her heart has started to beat on another tune, she refused to give a glance to his newly turned feeling.

Naman always loved Ridhi, despite her relationship he never left her alone. His love was sacred, silent and unconditional. When her boyfriend segregated her, it was he who upraised her like a true best friend.

After her break up, she found a change in Naman’s behaviour. He was emotionally warmth. He always returned a smile when he caught an admiring glance. It became his bedrock of who he is now. He was soft and vulnerable, who had peeled off his heart for her. He started expressing his gentle love towards her.

That night she was oscillating in bed, with tumescent eyes, she surrendered herself in the splendour of the moon.

It was all dark, she was to end in stygian, she tried to regain her senses but her mind was not allowing her body to make a step forward.

There, she saw a reflection coming to her, she frightened. Using all her strength, she moved her body and looked up. It was he, her Naman.

Naman came closer, Ridhi didn’t stop him; she allowed him to beguile her. Their eyes glued to each other. One could sense the immense passion in their eyes.

He made a step forward to her and clasped her shivering hands more tightly than usual letting the warmth and softness of his hands merge with hers. With an expression of love, he contemplated her to make her know that he wants to be her light in gloomy nights. Love her without borders and limits. He wants to be devoted to her even through her sickness.

His contiguity made her heart ponder faster, she started panicking it was some sort of anxiety attack; this time an intense one. She was losing her control over her body.

In no time, Naman wrapped her in his arms. She closed her eyes. She was still breathing heavily. He tightened his grip.

She allowed her head rest on his shoulder. Slowly, she sunk into the warmth of his side. The world around her melted away, all her fear defused as she squeezed herself into his arms. Gradually her quirking body found its place in his embrace.

A tear rolled down her right eye and fell on Naman’s T-shirt. Her mind was experiencing peace. Touching her back gently, Naman was trying to feel her every emotion.

No one said anything, there was an utter silence. They entered into a realm where words lost its meaning. With her ear over his chest, she could hear Naman’s heartbeat.

The blue moon illuminated the tenebrous of the night. The murky clouds unblock the pathways of the stars. Thousands of galaxies ignited the somber sky.

Her dampened soul begin to lit up again.

It was all like fairy tales.

“Ridhi, he called her name-his voice became heavy,

“I Love you”,

Beep, beep!!

Beep, beep!!

The horrible sound of the alarm made her come out this beautiful delusion. She restored her wandering mind from another land, unwrapped up her perfect blanket of love and settled herself in morning dew.

That day, she woke up with an alluring smile on her face. She found her love of life. She entered into a phase where no cloud can block the warmth of the evening rays. It was the zone where the sun was set with no fear of the darkness to come. Where one soul can whisper to another in a language only its mate can truly hear. A place where togetherness means peace.       

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