Have you ever wonder how your brain shift from one activity to another? When you try to concentrate on an object, you simply can’t because your mind does not allow you to focus.

It is not the things around you that distract you, but the internal conversation that let not you focus. Yes, your brain heard it right. Till date, you were blaming things to distract you but your own mind is the culprit.

It keeps playing in its own world and keeps you engage in thinking so many things which do not even belong to you.

Buddha called it monkey chattering, like highly energized monkey our thoughts move around. The research shows, 60000 thoughts occupy our mind in a single day.

The majority of people are controlled by this monkey brain. It distracts you from your definite goals, and let not concentrate on a single subject. And when you push it to work your directed location, it starts creating new stories that you never know that you know those stories.

Find the reason of continuous distraction:

Science says distraction come in two kinds, Emotional Distractions: inner dialogue or thoughts about things and Sensory Distraction: influence by the environment. Emotional Distractions plague us the most.                      

People practice distraction:

Sound strange, isn’t it? But it’s true. Since childhood, every parent, every teacher told a child to concentrate, but no one teaches a child that how to concentrate. By lack of concentration, a child becomes an expert in distraction.

The more you give your monkey brain attention, the more it dominates your mind and the more you grade high in distraction.

If you continuous practice distraction rather than concentration, your mind will not be able to focus any longer.

 Mind Goes Into Default Mode:

When you don’t live in present, your mind slips into default mode. The executive functionality of your brain does not work properly.

You keep jumping from one emotion to another and gradually, it becomes your habit. Now, you don’t need to think about a thing your brain work on the automated way.

You won’t be able to remember things because that part of the brain is not working right in the direction. Your decision-making and emotional regulation area lose its capacity.

Over-thinking can ruin your mind and life. So follow the policy of “stop, check, and then, change”! Choose your own thoughts wisely. Click To Tweet

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression:

When you think too much about your past, future, get angry or upset about petty things, live most of the time in Stress, Depression and Anxiety, you give a welcome call to distraction taking place in your brain permanently.

Despite this, it damages your brain cells, accelerates aging and illness, and affects metabolism and immune system too.


A recent study shows that people who analyze more, think more and consequently lose the power of concentration. Their internal chattering with themselves never stops, not even in sleep.

Overthinking drop their life in frustration and they seldom experience deep sound slumber. If you are a thinker, try to maintain the level of your thinking, over analyzation will wear tear your brain and body.


People who talk less think more. Human loves to talk if they are not talking to the world they are talking excessively with themselves.

To escape from the world Introvert people consume themselves in overthinking. At starting they consciously choose to think, and sooner their own thinking become out of control and start controlling them.

Over-thinking can ruin your mind and life. So follow the policy of “stop, check, and then, change”! Choose your own thoughts wisely.

These are few things that lead you to think excessively. You don’t want to think more, but unless you take control of your brain in your own hand, trust me, you can’t win over it.

At initial stage try practice concentration, unless you have a nice concentration power, you won’t be master of your brain.