You are always ready to help everyone to fix their problems, give them a solid advice. You think it’s your duty to calm others, to stand by someone who needs you the most. You don’t run over the facts, listen to your hearts, go by your feelings.

You wear your heart on your sleeves. People label your kindness, empath nature, soft spoken, a weakness.

People find you trustable. They come to you when everyone shut doors for them. They know that you will feel the weight of their problems because your hurt has no boundary.

You understand even before they speak, you read their heart, embrace their sorrow, carry the burden of their pain all around with you. Your tears roll down when you see someone melancholic. Even you cannot help them you either cannot help yourself to make it comfortable to bear. You feel connected with all hearts. You know how to capture beauty of others.


You get hurt easily, but there is nothing that can knock you down. Sometimes, you even pretend to be strong to create an illusion to others. Your emotions, feelings, care for others is your greatest strength that takes you to your destination effortlessly. You are not mentally weak you are only affected easily.

It turns out that playing it safe, at least in matters of the heart, is the most dangerous thing you can do. By that route, you become a butterfly pinned to the wall, with wonderful colors and all kinds of potential but going nowhere. Your wings are clipped. To really fly you must claim the courage to live out of your real self, the one God called into being.”
― Paula Rinehart

You need not feel sorry for your benevolent nature. Even you should be happy that you have the qualities everyone wants in their lives. Never be afraid to show your emotion. Don’t desist pouring your feelings.

You need to learn not everyone deserves your love, your intense care, your empath attitude. Your heart is a valuable asset, don’t waste it pouring all over the universe. Sometimes, people take advantage of your emotional state, they mimic you, but they have to return an empty hand. Because your heart is like a galaxy, where everything mixed up and goes on forever.

But there comes a time when you feel drained out, that is the time when you seem very tough, you roar, there is no way where people can stand by you. For the sake of your well-being, you tend to step back, but this is you, your heart, that doesn’t let you do this.

But that is the time you learn to cover your heart in a strong shell. You know that you can still be in the mid of folk without hurting yourself. You are tender, but also strong.