Need to impress your crush? Want to show that you love them? Desire to express what your heart feels? No matter what is the reason, all of us want to make sure our WhatsApp statuses stand out and also conveying our feelings.

Dostet Darum: This is my personal favorite. This is a Persian term which I encountered in the book The Kite Runner. It translates to– I love you. The reason why I like it the most is the fact that it not only shows that I am smart and read books but also brings a smile on the face of someone who tries to Google it up to find its meaning. Further, who knows it might help you begin a conversation when he/she texts you “Hey, what does your status mean?”

Some things and some people are written in my soul with permanent ink: Masterstroke by J.M.Storm

Everything you are is everything I need: by R.H. Sin

Tired of new beginnings; but I’m willing to start with you: Find me something more perfect than this. Another amazing quote by R.H.Sin

Without much ado, here are few other love WhatsApp statuses:

  • The sky exploded and she held my hand. Or, was it, the other way round?
  • Enjoy the sky full of stars, but only with the moon by your side.
  • Your arms are where I anchor myself during the tempest.
  • For your love, I’d trade my soul.
  • Be the reality that I dream.
  • You make falling in love seem like a first time-rekindling the fire in me.
  • Where the world saw pieces that were plundered and peeled apart, I saw places wherein to pour my heart.
  • Sometimes all it takes is a smile for me to believe in miracles.
  • Now that I have you in my arms, I know what true strength feels like.
  • You’re the song that got stuck in my head.
  • On conversations that can end with a smiley, I deliberately choose a heart.
  • To the denizen of my dreams, I hope our reality is just as perfect.
  • The sweet taste of your lips most certainly had to do something with your sugar- coated soul.
  • You are the secret I never want to hide.

What are you waiting for? Pick out the best WhatsApp status one you like and change your status now. Let us know if you have favorite statuses as well or if any of these worked out well for you.