Of all the confusion surrounding a man’s take on various situations, the one about his perspective on marriage is the most generalized and misunderstood one. Here I shall try to put forward what I believe is the opinion of most of the unmarried guys aged 21 to 28 and try hard not to sound sexist and stereotypical.

Men are in every way respectful of the meaning of marriage and contribute equally towards constituting a life full of love, mutual respect, and care. But men and women have a contrasting outlook towards almost everything in life. While women wait for the right ONE to get married to, men mostly wait for the right TIME.

Dating and relationships are fine. But in almost every conversation I’ve had with a guy my age about his relationship, almost no one enters a relationship with the intention of marriage.

A higher fraction of women on the other hand, wants ‘the future’ to always be a topic of consideration in their relationships. Again, this is not true about every man or woman and you may choose to disagree. But growing up in a circle of friends with almost everyone moving in and out of relationships around me, I’ve drawn some observations about the crude perspectives.

Most men do not express their feelings a lot in their relationships as compared to the women. For lack of a better word, I’d say men are ‘scared’ to show their vulnerabilities to anyone.

The decision to get married is one which every man has to go through and no man is ever prepared for. Men always want to be at a good place in their lives before they can settle down with a good place in their relationships. Men still want to be loved, cared for, and respected as much as women do. But a decision like marriage is something they are not willing to take in a rush.

Nonetheless, mentioned below are a few things every guy wants in a marriage:

  • Want Vs. Need:

    Men like to feel needed but not to the point where it becomes smothering. They like their partner to be independent and happy about the marriage, not just because they are obliged to, but because they want to.

  • Men want to be taken care of:

    Men want their partners to know exactly when to leave them alone and when to discuss what’s bothering them. This tuning sounds too good to be true but it is one of the most basic things sought after in a relationship.

  • Professional lives:

    Men tend to be too affected by their professional lives. Constant support and mutual understanding between the two is always necessary.

All these points again are true for both men and women. The demarcation between perspectives of the two genders has narrowed with time and nothing can be generalized. Another thing men hate, by the way, is being generalized. The ‘men are dogs’ tag has upset more people than I can count. On a lighter note, a majority of men I know are not ready to get married because they believe they are not capable of taking care of a family when they can barely take care of themselves.

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The goal of marriage is not to think alike but to think together and men just seem to take longer to sync with their partners completely.