The study is not something that children taught in school it is a collective response to everything they learn in their life.

You must have heard my child top every year in the school. Congrats, it actually did happen. But pressurizing your child only to be at the top is something that burdens your child dramatically.

The study is mandatory but holding rank and comparison to the other child is not necessary at all stages of life.

If I say, you create chaos in children’s mind, you will surprise and no doubt, everyone will say a big no! But in practical life, most of us forget to give thought to this thought.

In this scenario, your child goes to school for six hours and then, go to tuitions around two hours, after all, these classes, the load of homework and tuition work.

A child’s day spends heavily with this schedule. And you still expect your child to be super intelligent and extraordinary. Is it possible?

No doubt, the basic study is necessary, but it is not necessary that your child get higher rank all the time. Over-obsessed parents, pressurize their child to be the best.  The child feels demotivated and goes into depression.

Most of the suicides are attempted by students due to parent’s pressure. So, think twice for your words and over-obsessive nature can take the life of your child.

Watch out your child’s interest and happiness in the field before dropping him in the well of career.

Are you running a home in which you face regular chaos due to studies or are you a parent who frequently scold your child for studies? Next time, before scolding your child for hard studies think once on following points:

You are not allowed to go out!!

Do you restrict your child to make social, fun activities? Your nodding is not good for his healthy growth.

An extrovert child plays a great role in the social activities. Amid this nature, they cannot pay great attention to studies because they feel outer world more playful and enjoyable.

Well, parenting is changing but a major change in thought pattern is still needed. Don’t make your child a book warm, get him into the fresh air and allow to hang out with friends.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”eP_Ix” via=”yes” ]Students attempt suicide due to parents\’ pressure. Parents\’ over-obsessive, studious nature demotivate & kid goes into depression[/ctt]


Children love gaming. Parents scold their children for using a lot of mobiles and not paying attention to the studies.

Rather objurgating, schedule time for gaming. Make a gaming section in your house and try to play with your child. Lead for the positive parenting.

Stop painting, get your books on!!

Do you find yourself saying these phrases frequently? An agreement never proved good on the subject.

Researchers said creating interest in arts boost confidence and imagination power. Let him draw his life if he or she wishes too!!

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Overall development:

Teach different bits of intelligence for the overall development of your child. Children can learn discipline from schooling, but the timely implementation of every aspect is constant practice done through the homes only.

Scheduling for the studies and other activities is the best way to maintain a balance between study and enjoyment. Let your preoccupied study oriented mind scatter and let things happen systematically.

Find the interest in other fields:

Make him the best in every field instead of study only. The study is important, but over-pressure of anything lean the quality of the subject.

The renounced personalities may not top in schools, but certainly, hold ranks in life. Make them good person instead of a good book warm.

Both over-obsession and insouciance are bad. Balance things and balance life!!