An idol of thousands of scientist and young blood: The name DR A. P. J. Abdul Kalam does not need an introduction. Everyone who knows the bit of his name is known from the facts that he born in a middle-class family of the south India.

The “missile man” of India also authored 10 books that speak his inspiring life story and ardor spirit of the young generation.

Well, different from the relative facts and his achievements, I want to share here the keys of his achievements because small acts keep you forward to reward the big victories in life.

Start Dreaming!

Dreams, big dreams don’t let you sleep. Kalam always believed that every thought that ever dreamed is a true story, all you need to do is step forward towards making it true.

He encouraged youth to dream big and act high. Be grateful and uplift society. Choose your destiny. Don’t excuse, accept your mistakes. An open mind doesn’t give excuses, it takes responsibility.

Work is Happiness!

To enlighten the path of progress, you must love your work. Choose the field or career that makes you happy, keep you untired and fresh.

Once DR. Kalam was asked if he became tired by working eighteen hours a day! His spontaneous reply still fascinates millions, “I enjoy my work and it makes me feel happy. How can one get boredom in being happy all the time?”

Not only dedication towards work but also attachment to work is quite necessary for getting success. His death also explains his undying spirit of working, he died lecturing in IIM Shillong.

Don’t Let Aside Your Moral Values!

Hurdles and poor background cannot stop your dreaming. Born at a small place of Rameshwaram, Kalam never belonged to a rich family. He was a middle-class boy, who used to think to fly up in the sky.

He said keep collective interest at the top rather than self-interest. High moral values uprise inner power and give strength to attain all desires.

DR. Kalam always admired the youth of India and uphold their enthusiasm. He believed that youth can change the country if provided the right direction.

Respect Emotions!

Being practical doesn’t mean that you let go emotions. For the preservation of success, there should be a sound balance between inner and outer life.

After being at the top positions, DR. Kalam never disrespected the emotions of common men. This quality of made him idol and loveable among all.

He was grateful everything that came across his way. He usually thanked everyone with a personalized messages.

Down to Earth!

Simplicity in nature and humbleness in voice make a perfect blend of the immaculate image of DR. Kalam.

Even after getting so many national awards and being the president of the country, Kalam never left the basic essence of simplicity and humanity.

His materialistic asset was a room equipped with few furniture and some things of regular use.

Believe in God!

It is a myth that scientists does not believe in God. DR. Kalam is the most famous example to prove this.

Abdul Kalam never differentiates religion in the name different gods “Allah” or “Ram”. He always said, “God is One”.

He believed that universe replies every thought. So, choose your thoughts carefully and be a self-creator.

Have faith in God and believe in yourself because every END says, “Efforts Never Die”. Take the advantage of opportunities by analyzing through your deep inner voice.

Share Knowledge and Value Time!

You must have heard that everything you share come back in return. Once obliged to finish work on time, DR. Kalam learned the value of time and its proper management. For two days, he worked without food and sleep. The determination and time were the two keys of his lifetime achievements.

The above crux tells the story of a personality who become the most resourceful person to the country with no self-interest. If you follow and assimilate these success keys, your probability of being at the top uphold many times.