Your Body Language is actually more important than ever, you will not speak, but people will understand you. Wonderingly, sometimes your body language even does not match your thought patterns.

Your body language not only describes people about you but also controls your feelings. Sit on a chair with chin and shoulder down you instantly start feeling tired, helpless, and weak and now, open up your shoulder and chin you are feeling better, right? You can now feel the energy flowing in your body and you are powerful.

The science of human says that some feelings that people cannot express verbally expose their feelings intentionally or unintentionally through body language, a non-verbal communication method.

People cannot change what their body is revealing unless they change it consciously. Find the meaning and alter your way of expressing.

The second thing that exposes internal chattering are Gestures:

Hand Movements:

body language, hand gestures, fingures

When you are in tricky negotiation, your hands leave control and make uncontrolled gestures. If your palm facing down, it reveals a negative gesture, you are considered resist to change, and you don’t have flexible nature.

Facing up show confidence, and you are open to new ideas. Whereas a closed fist tells low self-esteem in you. In excitement, you raise your hands and float in the air. It also shows confidence and your inner power.

Contrary, when you hide your hands in your chest, you are really stressed, depressed, and anxious and feel inferior. It is an expression of introvert nature or hiding secrets.

Talking Styles:

Your voice tone, body postures, hand gestures, facial expression and speed of talking express your actual feeling. An average person speaks 140 words a minute.

Speaking too fast or too slow put a big stain on your overall personality. Don’t be a verbal expresso or a sluggish personality. Talking too fast also show you an impatient personality.

Push Away:

People have a tendency to brush away things. Rather than accepting a good sign, they brush away that. When you give someone a compliment and the taker say thanks pushing his hands away from his chest, he making a call of a great negative attitude.

Brushing Hairs Behind Ears:

A combination of nerves and flirtation, nudge person sitting beside you. Attraction attention and a good single for your date. A staple for a promising date.

Hands and Arms Gestures:

Clenched hands often show negative perspective or attitude of the person.

People often steeple their hands to deliver order or ideas to their subordinates. The raised steeple indicate higher position and opinion giver attitude whereas, the lowered steeple signify the listening attitude. But both show the confidence and high self-esteem.

Pointing Fingers:

Pointing fingers indicates one is blaming or accusing someone of something.  in this gesture, the person pointed out only one finger.

Head Gestures:

Taking the head up and jutting chin forward signals superiority, arrogance and fearlessness. The gesture is concerned with power and aggression.

Head down displays negative, aggressive and judgmental attitude. But sometimes, it indicates that the person is being very submissive.

Tilting head one side said that the person is too much into conversation. Whereas, overly tilted head shows the sympathetic and playful attitude.

But when eyes are feeling up with anger or other exotic emotion, it may take it as a sign of a challenge.