Are you happy? Are you satisfied with life or lifestyle you are living? If no, I am sure, you are not healthy either. Good health is absolutely correlated with happiness. Certainly, ill health is a stressor and a real burden in life. So, if being unhealthy can ruin your life, can being happier make you healthier?

How is unhappiness really bad for mind and body?

Depression, stress, anxiety are known to have more physical ill health. They would have a high risk of heart disease. But here, I am not talking about depression.

There could be some unknown reason, we are been unhappy. You cannot call it depression, it just that people cannot find the true essence of happiness. If we don’t feel chipper, the risk of heart attack goes up.

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Your heart requires happiness

Happiness protects your heart. Did you know happiness and psychological well-being is linked with a lower risk of heart disease? A Happy heart has lower levels of inflammatory gene expression and stronger antiviral and antibody responses.

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More than any part of your body, your heart rejoice in happiness. Happiness also predicts lower heart rates, balance blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, combat stress, fight with the disease, and ultimately lengthen your life.

Does absolute happiness is possible?

People think, only saints can attain an absolute state of happiness. But the truth is happiness is all around. It is something to be felt and celebrated.

There are moments in life and in every moment where just being alive is a source of great joy. No matter what you are lacking in life, or what happens around you, a deep sense of bliss exist in the innermost reaches of life.

And it is possible in this materialistic, social life. But it requires lots of practice and strong determination to feel that exhilaration.


How happiness associated with small things?

Happiness does not lay at one place. Things are correlated your mood, surrounding, people around you, self-esteem, hope, enjoyment, and above all a balanced life and lifestyle define happiness.

But to earn the long-term happiness, you need to seek it within. You need to learn, short term happiness doesn’t impact much your body.

You are in pain, you went for a movie, three hours, you smiled, you share laughter, and you forget everything you were thinking about earlier. After three hours, with every tick of the clock, you find yourself enduring that pain again. This temporary happiness, may not make you exhilarate, but this is too necessary. It lowers constant high flow of adrenaline and energizes your body for a while.

Like yourself:

In order to be happy, you have to love yourself. You need to love your body, your mind, and your invisible soul. You must do every small thing. You will take care of your health go to gym, eat nutritive food, relax in peace, go for a deep self-discovery and do everything that connects you with the real you.


Happiness doesn’t mean knowing the answer of all question marks or not having desire of anything. Excitement should be kept intent at every phase of life. You must have a goal that your value supports and need driving objects that you can chase with total passion and engagement that ultimately leads to powerful realization.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”o9O3R” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]We live in moments, and it is good to share every moment, sometimes with others and sometimes with ourselves.[/ctt]

Positive emotion:

When you are in pain, positive emotions keeps you happily alive. It helps, you fight with the pain and conquer it. Sooner, you become happier and healthier. People, friends, family, love makes you feel ebullient and sometimes unite.

A balanced life:

Happiness is a balance of physical and mental life. For this, you should define aim that drives to live an exuberant life. I know it’s tough, to sum up, life into a definitely said objective, but it’s relatively possible. You should know when to run and when to stop. The purpose of life keeps changing as we grow.

Small beads of happiness are sprinkling all over the place, if you can find those gems, you will be the happiest person in this universe.