Every success story has its uniqueness, rarely you will get the way or find your path in success stories, but for sure, you will be encouraged and inspired a lot by seeing others who was one of you and now ranking on the top positions.

Amitabh Bachchan’s story from being Zero to Hero is not only inspiring Bollywood industry aspirants but also a positive vibration for fighting against rough trots.

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There is the combination of almost all big experiences in one personality and that is – Amitabh Bachchan. His life successful life is all about troughs and crests.

He faced near death experience, bankruptcy, career struggle, rejection, and over flooded emotional stress at various stages of life. After being life-threatening injuries in one of his movie, and being bankruptcy after several years of slump and consecutive box office failure, he gave a thought to leave the film industry.

He falls again and again and rises up with the extra spirit. But the undying determination or believe in self, let him move ahead.

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Rejected, Rejected and Rejected!!

Amitabh was rejected due to his voice and height. His baritone voice, striking face and commanding height make him rejected in All India Radio Station and earlier auditions.

Once not having a ‘camera conductive face’ is now the face of million aspirations. Impeccable dialogue delivery has now acquired iconic status.

What did he do differently?

Is there any way, we stay inspired after coping with several rejections? We all face failure, we feel rejected at least once in life. The Big B endure his rejection, he falls, and the next moment he got up. Turn his rejection into an extra motivation!

If we dwell in the past, we caught in the cycle of cribbing and being sad. The best lesson to take from Amitabh is constant practice and fight struggle without being sad.

What can we extract from his life?

We all are grown up hearing, perseverance is the key to success, and the real example to retain perseverance is Amitabh Bachchan.Our weakest point can be our greatest forte. Once rejected for raucous voice, and gangly physic, later renowned for the same. If we try, we can make our weakest point, the strongest one.

Even in the toughest days of his life, he could abnegate, but he didn’t. Losing hope and being impatient are the main cause of failure in today’s generation. The biggest success is the results of toughest exams. Quite strange but true, we don’t want to appear in exams yet we want to top.

He mentioned, “Bad times either destroy you or make you stronger enough to be who you actually are”. Don’t think about the dark night as every night fade off with a new dawn.

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Not only accept the failure but also take it as a challenge! Even some traditional philosophies are good to make you self-satisfy in the case of worst days “everything happens for the good”.

Even after being successful, maintaining success is more difficult. Some lose it in arrogance and other because of laziness. Amitabh is an inspiration for all generation because he made the balance among all phases of life even after falling many times.

it’s time to get inspired and start building your own success story. Remember, you have the same power to be the next Amitabh Bachchan.

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