The vast sky resembles her dreams. The noisy days tides her wings to restrain her flying.  She oscillates. The dusk takes away her alacrity, she tries to defuse, but the drowning sun engulfs her all senses. Then the night approaches. The spellbound beauty of the darkness hovers around her, she feels secure. The cacophonies linger around her, piercing her eardrums – tears her apart.

She is in love with the nights, the moon, the sky, the starts and the heart-wrenching silence.

She looks up at the sky. The moonlight beguiles her, captivate her senses. The serene atmosphere tranquil her heart. People admire the charm and splendor of the moon, but she is different. She doesn’t wonder, she adorns the moon, worships it.

When the whole city slumber, cuddling their blanket of the dreams, she toils hard. Behind the expression of a lost girl, there lives a lass who dares to dream even she knows that she is not granted to divulge.

The cimmerian of the nights accompanies her to make her realize what she wants. To unveil the truth, one will have to drown in the depth of her soul.

Her dampened soul lit up again. She screams. She carves for a change – a change that will earn her respect, a change that will transform her life, a change that will allow her to fly above the sky to touch the starts. She actualizes her vision of a fulfilling life. She stretches hard to feed her soul to brighten up her future. She devoid happiness, but her heart knows that one day, she will be there- where she will find contentment, the specialization of her being.

She has enough heartache. She sees straight in the eyes of the demon, challenges his gruesome façade. She grows stronger. She conquers her fears.

For the rest of the life, she doesn’t want to roam like a wanderer. She wishes to be her. She desires to rule the world like a king and be loved like a queen. Holding up her crown walking down the aisle, her tiny glittery deep black eyes glues up making every titillation come true.

The crack in the twilight soon crevices her isolation.

She crawls to look up at the dawn. She remains oblivion towards to radiant sun, the chirping of the birds. She approaches the dim light, the sun rays. Where the world is eager to know her “rags to riches” story.