Change is the law of nature and the laws of nature can never be discarded or altered. They are there working on their own without any other force. So, same applies to life. It will always be hit with the spark of change and nobody can do anything. If there is no change, there is no life.


As the famous quote of Buddha says, “Nothing is permanent”, the pinch of the idea it convey is nothing else than of CHANGE. It is eternal and universal and we should learn how to embrace it no matter how good it is to digest or how bad it is to spit out of life.

If you think you’re facing extreme pain right now because of whatever reason, don’t think it’s going to stay, time will roll its ticks and the whole thing is changed. If you glance back at your life, you will realize that all changes were worth.

You will never know when things will be in its perfect shape, where you will find your happiness, with whom you will feel complete until you find that sense of stratification, your life will keep changing, in spite of your so much denial.

It’s all nature’s play and you will only be at peace if you will accept yourself as its disciple, for a better say. Because that’s where you actually grow from, that’s where your learning, your development is hidden.

Understand the laws of nature, its wishes, and its plans which will always be unbeatable yet beautiful for their own learning.

We resist change we want to alter every situation according to our own desires. We think, moving on is the best solution, we experience unending endurance.

When you have seen, practiced all kinds of your games; sit there patiently, take a deep breath and trust the change. Practice acceptance, the only option you are left with.

Embrace whatever life throws at you. Don’t take it as pebbles but flowers. You will slowly understand the whole game of the universe and flowers of realization will bloom in the garden of your life.

Suddenly, the sun will rise and the shiny yellow-orange rays will peep through your window kissing your cheeks with a whispering of a good morning and telling you that you’ve won, telling you that now you’re finally wise, that you’ve learnt and succeeded another lesson of your life, that you are strong and brave which you’ve always been so, that you’ve stepped on another step of the ladder.

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Maybe the road is going to be long, maybe the road is going to be full of rocks but trusts me, I tell you, and you’re going to be there one day for sure! You’re going to succeed and win. You’re going to be the change!