Life is a journey. You are the driver of the vehicle that accompanies you on this journey. Throughout the journey, we worry about the road, the obstacles, the well-being of the passer-by’s and also of the passengers. We never really care about ourselves, i.e. the driver.

We have a lot of stuff going on in our lives. At every step of the way, we have something important to deal with and amidst the efforts of dealing with that situation, we forget our own selves.

Though research shows that the standard of health and the awareness of people has increased, yet all people are focused on the physical aspect of health. The mental aspect is rarely talked about.

We are all under attack by things equally dangerous as viruses or bacteria – anxiety, stress, and depression. Honestly, there is not much help we can get against them externally. The secret to saving ourselves from these ailments lies within our own self, all we need to do is to tap into our own world.

Chaos has become a part of our life. We all need some peace. Dedicating at least fifteen minutes of our time into meditation can help us achieve that state of calmness and peace.

It rejuvenates our soul and makes us feel more aware and connected to our own selves. The better we know ourselves, the more chance we have to take care of ourselves.



When we carefully analyze the way we spend the twenty-four hours of our day, we realize that we are actually not that busy. The fact is, the little time we are able to save for ourselves, is wasted in front of digital screens.

We could, as a start, schedule certain portions of our day when we refrain from using our digital devices.

The time that we would be able to save from this endeavour could be used for self-reflection. If we dwell deeply into our thought process and dedicate a portion of it in figuring out a solution to our problems, we would stand in a much better position.

By tapping into our unconscious, we are unwittingly entering into a storehouse of knowledge.

Proper sleep and rest, reboot our systems and makes us more active. The seclusion we get in our sleep and the control we have over our own dreams is unparallel. Dreams, as psychologists say, are a window to our inner self. It bridges the gap we have between the mind and soul.

Similarly, if we exercise daily and exert ourselves, all the clutter inside our head is removed.

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While IQ is a great parameter for determining brain power, yet not all people with high IQs achieve something in life. A deciding factor for success is EQ (Emotional Quotient). Being aware of one’s feelings and knowing when we feel those feelings is an important life skill.

The only way to increase our Emotional awareness is by being more aware of ourselves and that can be achieved only if we tap into our own selves.