Every posture tells a story. Do you bite nails? Touch your hair while talking? Lean to one side? Make an eye contact? Your body gesture describes your mood, intention, nature, and thinking.

Posturing has been hardcoded in our subconscious mind since our birth. We have a certain posturing mechanism that we like to adopt. Unlike facial expression and gestures, postures too can be observed and sensed to interpret the person.

While walking, talking, eating, moving, we make lots of postures knowingly or unknowingly. Find out your position in revealing yourself:

Leg barriers:

Sitting in crossed leg position speak your nervous, reserved or defensive attitude. Whereas, leg lock sitting position indicates an argumentative or competitive attitude.

Standing crossed leg with close arms display your defensive attitude and rudeness in a particular conversation.

Standing on one leg:

People often stand on one leg and lose another leg. It’s a sign of weakness. Standing on both legs shows potential in your inner being.

Slouching posture:

Lazy, negative, pessimistic person can be seen in slouching posture. If you slouch in any meeting, you certainly not considered a civil person.

The body posture affects our physic too. The posture may cause severe back pain and neck pain.


Your feet:

Your feet tell people whether you like them or not. If your toes pointing directly towards a person, luckily you want to get that person in your life.

Similarly, if you are upset with someone or don’t like that person, your feet turn away from that person. The most honest body part betray everything about your internal feelings.

A powerful position – you are standing on your both legs, your shoulder straight, chin up and your hands are on hips. Posture this style in discussions or arguments.

Standing Straight:                                                                   

Poor postures reflect poor self-image and generate negative feeling. Avoid hunched back and slumped shoulders postures, it even makes you feel uncomfortable.

Stand tall and straight. Held your head high in neutral position and let your ears and shoulders make a line. Open up your chest and feet firm on the ground.

Shivering legs:

Most often, the stage fear is noticed through the shivering legs. It shows that either you are the first timer in your work and being nervous or you have a fear of getting the rejection.

Whether you are in a stand position or sitting one, your vibrating legs may speak your lower confidence and dealing power. Or you are afraid of something at the moment.

Leg inside the chair:

The position is highly noticed as the lack of confidence during interviews. A person sitting on the chair, answering the questions of interviewer keeps legs inside the chair rather than straight, the position reveals a less confident and nervous person.

Shaking one leg:

Shaking a leg shows impatient nature of a person. Deep thinking or lake of slumber make some people shake their one leg. But, you may also have seen many people shake their one leg while waiting in a queue, it shows that they are waiting desperately and being impatient.

To face the situation or feel energetic, your combination of expression, gesture, and posture make you a strong personality and healthy communicator while dealing with the people.

Maintaining sound body language is a constant practice and it needs the presence of mind what you need to reveal in particular circumstance.