You failed, you broke down, you lost respect, you lost confidence, you deprived of everything you had for you inside. We are all in this mess of life, trying to fight through, trying to make sense of our troubles, trying to find companionship, love, hope, peace, and success.

Take your time, you need not get up within a minute and start over again. You are allowed to cry, you don’t need to hide your failure or emotion of your defeat. That’s ok. No one is getting through life unscratched.

Gradually, gather all your courage and strength to move. Head up and crawl through your lowest times until you can find your footprint again. Don’t afraid to start over, to let go, to walk through your darkness, because you and only you can fight for you. This is your journey, this is your life, and this is your responsibility to make it worth living to make it successful.

Just because you messed up something, doesn’t label you unworthy. Find what you are capable of, find where the gems are diminishing their brightness. No one is perfect, not even the richest and most successful person on the planet. They failed, they felt rejection, they scattered someday, they cried in pain, but their failure never thwarted them where they are now. They created history, and you have all power to do the same.

Just because you messed up something, doesn’t label you unworthy. Find what you are capable of, find where the gems diminishing its brightness Click To Tweet

You and only you can define your limits. Do not think that each failure takes away with it, a small portion of your abilities; No, rather adds to it. You start realizing how strong you are. Those you do not get crumbled under the weight of their own negativity have a different viewpoint about failure and use it to set newer and larger goals for themselves.

Your credibility and potential is not a sum total of your failures. You cannot let your defeat define you. You are meant for so much more. So, what if you failed once? So, what if you failed 1000 times?  In no way it does mean that you are incapable. How much you earn, achieve depends solely on you. You are an infinite being whereas failure is finite.

The moment you triumph, appreciate feel gratitude. And the moment you foil devastate, let it go.

When your journey will about to end up, you are gonna thanks all the hardship you had ever gone through, all the rejection you faced, all the pain you endured.