Body Language is a key to understanding the people sitting next to you. It is a scientifically proven communication method without uttering a single word. These hidden means of communication reveal much more than your verbal expression.

Think last time when you were standing alone, cross-legged and leaned against a wall. The next moment, a stranger walked and your posture changed. You uncrossed your legs and stood up straight. I caught you, right? This is a common language that our body reveals.

A research said, if you change your body language, your environment will start changing automatically. People start loving you, attracting towards you, appreciating you, and liking you. Some say, it also awards you jobs or pass in an interview.

Collectively, the Body Language is the combination of Gestures, Postures, and Expressions. In this article, we will get to know how our expression influence people around us.

Find the meaning of some expressions that you are unaware of and show people around you:


Eye contact:

Eye direction tells what other person is thinking. Staring at a person more than 3 seconds reveals the intention of kissing or killing.

Avoid looking up during any conversation. It’s a universal way to express boredom. For healthy conversation, a listener should 80% of the time eye contact and the speaker should look 50% of the time in listener’s eyes.

If you are not making an eye contact while conversation, it reveals two things – either you are telling a lie or you are a weak person.

Blinking too much while making a conversion exhibit distressed or uncomfortable feeling. Whereas, less blinking or prolonged eye contact feel threatening. It also shows good confidence and concentration power of a particular person.

Beside this, rolled down eyes are expressions of shyness. The expression of Eye rolling typically releases the emotions of exasperation, disapproval or disbelief.

Expressing with the upside stand eyebrows shows anger or surprise. On the other hand, stuck and staring one-sided eyes reveals that a person is thinking something in deep.

Lips and Mouth:

Mouth and lip expression reveal emotion of worry, anxiety, excitement, happiness, and discomfort. Even slight change in the mouth can be the subtle indicator of person’s feeling.

Gently turned up mouth unveil optimistic approach or subtle downturned mouth shows off sadness, disapproval or outright grimace.

The pursed lips might be the indicator of distaste, distrust or disapproval. Biting own lips shows discomfort or sexy mood.

Teeth cutting own tongue shows that you are guilty or made a mistake unwillingly.


Facial expression:

While you may say that you are feeling fine, but your facial expression may tell people otherwise. Holding Face with the hands expresses the sad mood.

Emotions explicated via facial expression are; disgust, surprise, anger, fear, confusion, contempt, desire, confusion, happiness, sadness, excitement, and irritation.


A smile is the best way to change the atmosphere. You need smiley eyes and lips to create positivity around you in every situation. The more you smile, the more positive reactions you get.

Some people smile fake, it can be identified. A fake smile only involves lips. The real smile is present wrinkles characteristic around the eyes and lip corners are pulled up and muscles around the eyes contracted.

A closed smile in teeth are concealed and lips are stretched means that the person refuses to uncover his secret or opinion.

Whereas, a jaw-dropping open smile display teeth and the same is considered as the sign of happiness and joy. It also shows friendly nature of a person.

You may have seen people displaying sarcastic smile showing negative emotions. It is shown off deliberately. A neutral face or non-smiling face shows and spreads sadness around the person.