Steve Jobs was the youngest person to get count in Forbes list. “University of life teach you more than life of university in the same span of time”, the success journey of Steve Jobs stamp this truth perfectly.

Steve jobs believe that work fills a large part of your life. So, it should be loveable and satisfactory to blossom your life with success. Simply, follow the policy of “do what you love” and let situations not give the power to surrender your passion. After working so long in a day, he loved to spend time with his wife and children.

It is near to impossible count the tears, challenges, pain, and risks behind the world-class success of Steve Jobs. Footsteps of successful people are always remarkable. Here are the collections of the things one can learn from Steve Jobs:

Create a win-win Situation:

Your regular life teaches you the adjustment and negotiation. You will have to sacrifice if you have no idea how to negotiate and create an impressive, favorable, and win-win situation.

Take Challenges:

Steve Jobs proved “being poor is no bar on success if you have a rich will power and courage to take challenges”. Do not change yourself for the sake of others. Take every situation as a challenge and don’t afraid from controversial talks.

Speech at Stanford University

Give the Best of You:

You have two choices either be passionate for what you do or follow your passion. Give 100% efficiency in what you do at the moment. Listen to your inner voice and follow your heart. Organize idea, time, and people in the best possible way.

Don’t let Achievements Stop You:

Everyone set goals. Success is not about achieving goals, it’s all about continuing to form new destinations and constant learnings. Be curious. Do not work to prove others, just work for yourself, for your passion, for your goal.

Connect the Dots:

Find stars in dark sky and silver line in dark clouds. Keep yourself positive in the worst phase of the life as the bad experiences are the leading path of success. From past to present, everything happens for a reason, no matter you are mature enough to understand it or not, this though keeps you charge in every situation according to Steve Jobs.

Learn to Say “No”:

Innovations are the result of saying “no” to ordinary thousand things. You may get negative impression at first sight, but ultimately, it will open a new door of opportunities and willingness of heart to do everything you love to do in your own way.

Keep a “Big Picture” in Mind:

Ideas and innovations reflect a big picture of public requirements. Create a great vision of your work and start implementing by day one after completing thorough analyzation.

To conquer the world and find innovations, you need to see the things different from ordinary perspectives. Jobs always wanted to think differently and make a difference in average things, and this thought brings tremendous success in his life. An innovative mind is the only difference between a leader and a follower. Don’t limit yourself in some specifications, just be a leader and hire specialists.