’Allow yourself to be proud of yourself and all the progress you’ve made, especially the progress that no one else has seen.’

What do you do after you have failed at something? Do you beat yourself down by continuously thinking about the things you did wrong? Do you feel that you didn’t put in your best effort and could have done better? Do you compare yourself with others and feel inferior on seeing them succeeded in things you are not good enough?

If you have answered most of the above questions in the affirmative, then maybe, you are a little too harsh on yourself. It is highly possible that you don’t give yourself enough credit in places where you deserve it.

When we appreciate our own efforts, we feel more self-satisfied and the happiness meter skyrockets. Failing to do so, lowers our morale and also our confidence. We are really bad at recognizing the good in us.

Self-praise is considered cocky or conceited but it’s more convincing to our mental health.

You deserve a huge pat that you survived, you didn’t back off, you challenged yourself; the situation, and the people around you and you manage to reach the destination. Even you haven’t reached yet, you craft a beautiful journey for yourself.

When we give ourselves more credit, it shows that we have faith in ourselves. It adds on to the skill, as we feel a tad more comfortable knowing that we are actually good at that particular thing. It’s a supplement to our ability.

Look back what you have done well to others, how better you have been, write down your accomplishments, appreciate yourself, feel proud of yourself because how hard was your journey and how beautifully you have completed it with the given choices.

A little praise and a few kind words are fuels which help us go a long way. Keep track of your triumph because no one is going to do it for you. Share your success. In hard times, this will help you to believe your dexterity and you will be proud to see your progress.

Giving more credit to oneself means finding a silver lining in everything. It involves conceding the small efforts and also giving more credit where we have done something amazing. Blaming ourselves for doing only 7 push-ups instead of 10, we should rather commend ourselves for exceeding the previous target of 5 push-ups.

People who don’t give themselves the credit they deserve end up feeling lost. In contrary of people who back themselves up, show strength even in times of adversities. They never lose hope because they know that they are capable of moving ahead in life.

One fails to enjoy the good things in life if he feels that he is not doing well. Focusing on the bad things makes life seem like a dull iteration of sunsets and sunrises.

When we realize that maybe we are a bit more skilled, bit smarter, a tad stronger and thus a lot happier, we actually make our lives worth living.

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Waking up every day, when we feel a positive vibe within us, we ultimately set forth for bigger, brighter and better tasks. Pat yourself for what you have learned today. It can be something as small as figuring out the color of the font or make a perfect sketching.