If we listen around ourselves, there is a lot of noise. Even in the quietest times, it’s a clock ticking or a fan humming. We have grown so used to this noise around ourselves that absolute silence might be shocking for us.

You can’t always escape the noise around in the daily lives but when you have a choice you should opt for silence. The least you can do is not contribute to the strident surroundings. Being quiet will not just improve your focus but also improve your health.

A silent mind is a mind at work. Silence is the most under-appreciated productivity tool. Being quiet relaxes our brain. Our brain is constantly working, even when we aren’t engaging it in conscious activities. Silence resets the brain and brings back the energy and focus that we need.


There are one too many times when opting to stay quiet is the right thing to do.

When in Doubt:

When unsure of what to say, we must rather choose silence. If you are not certain of how you feel or what your reaction should be, words may cause more damage than good. If you have a doubt that what you are going to say might be offensive, chances are you’re right. Revealing false or exaggerated feelings will only cause trouble.

In an emotional conversation:

Sometimes all that people want is your patience and for you to listen to them. People want to believe that they are heard when emotional. Silence can be as powerful as the words you want to say in such situations. Sometimes your friend just wants you to listen and isn’t in a state of mind to accept any suggestions or advice. A silent nod, a sincere eye contact, and a warm hug is as good as a sympathetic speech.

When you’re angry or upset:

Anger is a chain reaction which escalates quickly. Anger takes control of our mind and conscience and makes us incapable of saying the right things. When you feel the urge to say an unkind thing in the moments of anger, you should take a few deep breaths and control yourself. You are most likely to regret the things said in anger. Same goes for when you are upset. An emotional state of mind isn’t the best choice for you when it comes to choosing the right words. You should take time to figure out the best way to react in such situations.

When you’ve asked a question:

Sometimes people can’t wait to express their own viewpoints on questions they have asked themselves, even before the speaker has finished answering. Such restlessness doesn’t project a good impression about you and distracts other people. It is always good to patiently wait for other people to finish before starting to talk again. You should never jump to conclusions in a conversation.

During a negotiation:

Trying to be the louder one in negotiations will not tilt it in your favor. You must listen to what the other person has to offer. You should offer your thoughts and then close your mouth. This shows that you are confident about what you said and also that you show respect to them and their opinions.

When you have nothing to contribute:

Mostly at work, people tend to be louder in group discussions because of the fear of getting overshadowed by their colleagues. It is always better to observe and learn unless you can offer something meaningful to help elevate the conversation. It will slowly but surely work wonders for your professional life. A good listener is always a better informed person.

When the conversation is unwise and foolish:

Lastly, it is always better to stop wasting your time over foolish squabbles. Some disagreements can never be resolved no matter how hard you try to fix it. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and surrender, instead of trying to prove your point even when you are right. Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comment.

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Everything in your head doesn’t need to be said. Those who care about you can hear you even when you’re quiet. Silence is a place of power and a great way to heal. Being quiet is the easiest and most powerful way to connect with people. Your attention is the most important thing you can offer.