Anxiety is the greatest roadblock to success. Anxious minds feel stranded and desperate for some miracle to help. The term-anxiety-brings forth pictures of restlessness and panic.

How would you react if I say that anxiety is actually helpful? There is a hidden power in an anxious mind and this power can easily be harnessed.

Most of you would probably not agree with me, but the truth is- anxiety, if properly dealt with, could actually help you lift up your game.

Here are some ways through which anxiety can be used to perform better in life.


Better researched and thorough solutions to problems:

When someone is anxious about a particular problem, he uses his entire energy to come up with a reliable solution. When one has thought about the ways to eliminate the current problem, it helps save money as well as life! An anxious mind comes up with alternate plans in case the current solution fails to achieve the desired effect. In this way, one can always remain prepared in the face of any adversity.

When you start panicking about a particular problem, instead of calming yourself and believing that everything will just turn out well by some miracle, try to use your anxiousness and find a possible remedy. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

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Anxiety as a motivator:

Many people do not do a task until and unless it becomes absolutely necessary. We love to procrastinate. We should use anxiety as the fuel that drives us towards the completion of the work in hand. The sense of urgency that an anxious mind creates (though a false urgency at times) actually benefits us in work completion.

Exam anxiety is something that every student is aware of. If a student is not anxious about his exam, it probably shows his lack of interest in the results. That little anxiety one feels motivates one to study a bit harder.

Unexpected joy:

Socially anxious people do not have a happy idea about a newer place or a social gathering. They always feel that they will not enjoy themselves and thus, dread that experience. They have so little expectations that the moment that starts feeling a little comfortable, their whole perception of the place changes. A smile seems comparable to a laugh in these occasions.

So, the next time you feel anxious and apprehensive about a situation, don’t hesitate to experience it. It is entirely possible that you will have the time of your life. Use anxiety as a source of small happiness.

Fewer Risks:

Oh no! Driving the motorcycle hands-free could be risky. I will not try this. No! I will not dive into that lake. It looks too deep. Anxiety is not a stressor, it is the ability that was developed to cope up with dangerous situations. It is associated with the fight or flight response and helps us analyze the foolhardiness of a particular endeavour.

Anxious people lead safer and healthier lives than others. The chances of an anxious person meeting with an accident are the same as the chances of one getting struck by lightning. Learn to use anxiety as a way to understand situations better and avoid them. Remember- The best way to win a war is to avoid it.

Increased Receptivity:

Anxious people are more cautious of the space around them. They scrutinize everything in their immediate environment. Use this as a trait to observe things better. Writers, poets, and inventors benefit greatly from the skill of observation. It helps them come up with newer and better materials as it boosts their creativity.

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Whenever anxiousness starts to embrace you; remember to walk around the park with a notepad in your hand. Who knows, you might come up with a life changing idea?

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

Anxiety is not a curse. It can be a boon in disguise. Learn to harness the power of the anxious mind and you will find yourself becoming capable of achieving the impossible.